16 People Who Found Really, Really Old Food While Cleaning Out Their Fridge

First up, let me say that I am not judging any of these people. I have found ancient food in my fridge, my freezer, and in one unforgettable moment, a potato that had fallen behind a cabinet and was no longer recognizable (except for the stench).

That is how I know, with 100% certainty, that some finds just have to be shared – and I think these 16 items definitely fall into that category.

16. The face I just made is hard to describe.

Nothing about this is okay.

15. Twenty-five years is a long time.

I’m not sure that’s still going to puff up.

14. You know this is old.

Because no one keeps that anymore.

13. These are a mere 10 years old.

They are corndogs, though – barely food – so they should be fine.

12. I did this the other day.

Cheese was a bit congealed but nobody died.

11. That’s what you call vintage.

I should know; it’s older than I am.

10. That’s…sweet? I guess?

As long as you don’t eat the jelly.

9. That can has seen some stuff.

Which makes sense, because who on earth would eat it?

8. Yeah, that’s probably a bad sign.

Too bad. Throwing out alcohol is tragic.

7. I guess that poor turkey got the last laugh…

From turkey heaven, I suppose, but still.

6. That sounds like it was a fun day.

If you’re into gross stuff.

5. 1982 was a good year for pineapple cheese spread.

Maybe the only year.

4. What is “coffee whitener?” Creamer?

If it’s like shelf-stable creamer here I’m pretty sure it lasts forever.

3. I’m guessing she was not much of a cook.

I wonder if she’s improved or was still insulted.

2. This seems like it would be okay.

Isn’t that the whole point of drying herbs?

1. I feel like that bottle might be worth something.

Not the flat and worthless cola, but the bottle.

I am as stunned as I am amused – great combination.

What’s the oldest thing you’ve ever unearthed from a freezer? Tell us about it in the comments!