16 People Who Used What They Thought Was the Right Word, But Definitely Wasn’t

Image Credit: Reddit

There’s an entire subreddit that shares instances (usually funny ones) of people using words that sound like the word they meant to use, but definitely aren’t. The results are hilarious for anyone who recognizes the difference.

Below are 16 pretty great examples that might or might not – cause maybe they belonged to you – make your day.

16. No one said I would need to be able to play “guess the word” when I took this job.

Lemonade these papers from BoneAppleTea

15. That’s one way to get your money back.

Shoplifters will be “Prostituted” from BoneAppleTea

14. What are you asking it for? To eat it?

I too love chicken permission from BoneAppleTea

13. Oh, dear. That looks permanent.

Angel? from BoneAppleTea

12. There’s almost nothing right about any of this.

11. I mean she’s doing what he asked.

Your pigs dammit! from BoneAppleTea

10. These people are definitely from the Midwest.

[Legit] I prefer to smoke hash browns from BoneAppleTea

9. That is quite the mental image.

[Legit] Hypocrite from BoneAppleTea

8. Just sound it out, girl.

Man, in some near sucks dude from BoneAppleTea

7. I’m not sure you’re advertising what you think you’re advertising.

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6. That response, though. Heavens.

Human bean from BoneAppleTea

5. There’s no escaping it once you put it in writing.

Potoooooooo from BoneAppleTea

4. Gossiping fruit is the worst.

Grapes are discussing from BoneAppleTea

3. I’ll take a few of those.

Orgasmic Blueberries from BoneAppleTea

2. It’s like the fountain of youth!

[Legit] source of the sweet and sour. from BoneAppleTea

1. With any luck, he will one day pass that civil service test.

[Legit] Keep us posted from BoneAppleTea

I love these people. Bless their hearts.

Have you ever done anything like this? Have you heard something equally as good? Please share with us in the comments!