16 Pieces of Wholesome Internet Content to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

These days I’m spending less and less time on the Internet. I’ve started to lose my faith in humanity.

When I log into social media, there’s always something sparking outrage. Everyone seems so hateful and divided. It’s hard to remain hopeful about the state of the world.

Luckily, we have these wholesome pieces of content to remind us, there IS good in the world.

1. Take this boy for instance:

Move over Rover, there’s a new “man’s best friend” in town.

Image Credit: The Chive

2. Or this gentleman:

After all these years…

Image Credit: The Chive

3. We don’t have to fear one another:

We can spread love by showing respect.

Image Credit: The Chive

4. It feels good to be seen:

We can spread love by acknowledging another person’s humanity.

Image Credit: The Chive

5. This mother should be proud:

When we choose compassion, we make the world a better place.

Image Credit: The Chive

6. Kids today…

…can be caring and thoughtful.

Image Credit: The Chive

7. Small acts of kindness matter:

Bill is bringing the sunshine!

Image Credit: The Chive

8. We can brighten the world by spreading joy:

And embarrassing our children.

Image Credit: The Chive

9. We can choose love:

Happy Hallowedding day?

Image Credit: The Chive

10. This little guy…

…is making MY day.

Image Credit: The Chive

11. Mind your manners:

You’re one in a billion, Nan.

Image Credit: The Chive

12. We can choose generosity:

Acts of kindness like this leave a lasting impact.

Image Credit: The Chive

13. We can choose to help others:

Pay it forward.

Image Credit: The Chive

14. Everyday people can make a difference:

Be the good you want to see in the world.

Image Credit: The Chive

15. It feels so much better to love:

Does anyone have a tissue? *sniff*

Image Credit: The Chive

16. You don’t need a superhero costume…

to make the world a better place.

Image Credit: The Chive 

I wasn’t joking about that tissue! This was exactly the heartwarming content I needed today. As angry or as anxious as we might feel some days, it’s important we remember to look for the good in ourselves and others. Humans as a whole don’t have to be constantly in conflict. We have the capacity for so much love and compassion.

What gives you hope when times are tough? Let us know in the comments!