16 “Serious” Scenes So Cringeworthy It Physically Hurts

It’s not that you’re never supposed to cringe in a movie theater. There are comedies that work extra hard to make you want to throw up in your mouth, characters whose entire point is to make you want to run out of the room, and movies whose subject matter alone makes most people uncomfortable.

All of that is fine. As a movie lover, though, what I hate is when a movie is taking itself completely seriously and does something so awful and poorly done and cringeworthy that it gives me physical pain to sit through it.

If you’re not sure exactly what I’m talking about, here are 16 Redditors with some pretty solid examples.

16. Especially in the 1980s.

The scene in revenge of the nerds where the main character impresses a girl in the computer lab by making a fully animated drawing of himself and her with like, 15 seconds of of typing on the keyboard.

Baffles me how anybody would think that’s remotely possible, even in the 1980s when computers were still a mystery to the general public.

15. So, so insensitive.

The fault in our stars when they kissed in the Anne frank house and everybody clapped.

14. All of their interactions in the movie were awkward.

Hey, remember that time Ginny tied Harry’s shoes in HBP?

Yeah, pure cringe

13. They just needed one with courage.

I watched a medical k-drama.

They had this boy on the roof going to jump, and 50 doctors/nurses/surgeons came rushing to the rooftop to get that boy.

They just stood there behind him, all 50 of them.

12. I think I blocked it out.

When Talia al Ghul died in The Dark Knight Rises.

I know it has been talked about a lot and even she didn’t like the scene, but damn was it bad.

11. Honestly, there are so many scenes that fit the bill in Twilight.

That one scene in Twilight where Bella was yelling at Jacob for nicknaming Renesme “Nessie”.


10. Your brain will absolutely not integrate it.

That plastic baby in that movie about that sniper guy.

That one.

9. I mean it’s Transformers though what do you expect?

When Marky Mark picks up a COLD BUD LIGHT right off the floor and chugs it in the middle of a firefight in the transformer movie.

8. Just make it stop.

The first scene where Sofia Coppola’s character talks to Andy Garcia’s character in The Godfather Part 3 and it slowly dawns on you that she has the hots for her older cousin

7. I felt like I was hallucinating a bit.

Everything in Five Feet Apart, but ESPECIALLY the part where cole sprouse says he’s gonna die and just walks away into the snow

6. How could it not?

Does the entirety of the movie Cats count?

5. That’s how it works in YA sorry not sorry.

The scene in Ready Player One where the protagonists meet in person and she’s like “Nooooooo don’t look at me, I’m hideous because of this weirdly photogenic birthmark!”

And he puts his hand under her chin and is like “Don’t worry, baby, I think you’re hot anyway”

And then it’s true love <3

4. She’s right. There is no explanation good enough.

Edward Cullen showing his glittery chest. “This is the skin of a killer, Bella”

Me: yikes

Ps: I actually enjoyed the first twilight movie. It’s innocent fun to me and nowhere near deserving of all the hate it got. But that scene… there’s no saving that scene.

3. Not what you want to become a meme for it you’re an actor.

I remember when I was a kid and the original Spider-Man movies came out we loved them. I remember crying so hard when uncle Ben died in the first movie. But then in later years Tobey Maguire’s crying face became a meme. And now when I rewatch the movie I feel sad when uncle Ben dies but I also immediately laugh when it shows Peter crying. So I kinda cringe whenever that happens now.

On a positive note me and my friend went to go see the third movie like 5 times and the last few times the theater was empty so we just laughed until we cried at all the scenes where he is crying. It’s just so funny now.. but I don’t want it to be!

2. Oh my god yes. Negative chemistry.

Every Anakin/Padme scene.

Yes. Every. Single. One.

1. I’ve never seen anyone act like that irl.

Basically any scene where a character is “high on weed” in 90% of movies.

I’m honestly cringing again right now just thinking about these!

Do you have another example that totally belongs on this list? I want to hear what it is in the comments!