16 Teachers Who Said Extremely Problematic Things to Students of Color

Teachers are supposed to be the frontline of defense when it comes to protecting our kids when they’re away from us. They’re supposed to be critical thinkers and a safe space for all children, regardless of where they’re from, how much money they have, how well they behave or do on tests, or what color their skin is.

We all know, of course, that no profession is full of 100% good eggs, but the things these 16 teachers said to their students of color honestly go beyond “problematic” and straight into “maybe they should have been fired.”

Decide for yourself!

16. How about you mind your business?

They’re kids and they’re not hurting anyone.

15. Just unnecessarily cruel.

To a child who probably already struggled with confidence.

14. I’m so sorry stuff like this happens.

I hope their parents let her have it.

13. I love that they didn’t realize the slight until later.

You go, kiddo.

12. She was a baby.

Just a variation on “he’s mean because he likes you.” Stop.

11. How do those two things correlate?

I mean…they obviously don’t.

10. That’s a whole lot to unpack.

Teacher trying to put their issues off on some kids.


What in the heck does that even MEAN?

8. This is a wild story.

I hate the ending, though.

7. Good for them.

And good for the school, honestly. No one needs a teacher like that.

6. Just LAYERS of wrong here.

It’s definitely not worth taking the time to peel them back.

5. I don’t think any of that is in her job description.

And I’m sure none of it is her business.

4. The face I just made.

Why are these teachers so aggressive?

3. In fourth grade.

I cannot handle my rage at this.

2. I think I’m going to throw up.

I hope there were serious repercussions.

1. Why do people like this go into teaching?

Just to ruin other people’s lives?

I’m so secondhand mad right now, and I hope these moms had some words for these teachers.

Has anything like this ever happened to you or your child? I hope not, but if it has, share the story with us in the comments!