16 Things Kids Today Will Never Truly Get

Image Credit: Twitter

There are many amazing things about growing up in the world today. It’s easier to stay connected to friends and family far away, easier to network from the comfort of your home, easier for introverts to stay “social,” and easier to find your tribe – online if not in real life.

As someone who grew up in the 80s, though, I still think there’s something to be said to living life without modern technology, with television shows that are cheesy and pure, and for playing outside for hours without adults looking on anxiously.

And these 16 things? Kids today will probably never really understand, no matter how well you explain them.

16. We had that delayed gratification thing down pat.

15. I’ll never know why they didn’t make them pocket-sized.

14. Or what it was like to hang out at the mall.

13. This is 100% true.

12. And you’d fight over who got a seat.

11. So I still do this on occasion.

10. And honestly, it shows.

9. And when it timed out with like 2 minutes left omgggg.

8. Don’t look away at the wrong moment!

7. Please don’t be fuzzy, please don’t be fuzzy…

6. Sometimes I miss these types of choices.

5. Was it because they didn’t want to talk to you?! ARGH!

4. Raise your hand if you remember.

3. They will in public school.

2. Or, you know, using a landline.

1. That shizz could take days.

I’m not saying I want to go back, but…maybe for a week or two?

What’s your favorite memory from your GenX, early-Millennial childhood? Share it with us in the comments!