16 Things You Can Ask At A Chain Restaurant But Not Somewhere Fancy

Most of us understand the difference between eating somewhere that has a dress code and only sells wine by the bottle and stopping by the local Chili’s on a Tuesday night, right? There are rules, and for the most part, society tends to follow them.

If you’re wondering, though, there are some things that are ok to ask at Applebees but that, if you said the same thing at a fancy joint, might get you tossed out onto the street – and we’ve got 16 great examples below.

16. I cannot even.

I work in a sushi restaurant.

The amount of people who ask me for ranch is hilarious to me. Not to the chefs but to me.

15. Does that come with fries?

Do you have any combo meal deals?

14. That is not cheese.

Do you have American cheese?

They would totally malfunction if you said that. Or they’d be like” you mean Colby Jack?”

13. That second one, though.

The value menu.

Or, if you’re after specific items, a big ol’ stack of napkins so you can “get serious.”

12. Whatever you ask, they’ll probably forgive you.

Most people working at fancy restaurants won’t judge you (much) or make fun if you are out of place and ask questions. In fact we generally would rather you ask and we’re happy to inform.

Hospitality is a big factor at nice restaurants, we want you to have a good time. Contrary to what people believe, high end restaurants aren’t typically very snobby.

I’ve worked with a lot more people in pubs and bars that had bad attitudes, compared to fancy places I’ve worked.

11.Bah, if only.

Can you supersize my filet mignon?

10. Honestly they probably should.

Do you have a student discount?

9. That might work anywhere.

“What’s the code to the bathroom?”

Oh don’t worry just look at the number pad and the 4 digits will be so discolored and dirty you’ll be able to figure it out pretty easy.

8. Why not, though?

What are your drink specials?

yea learned that was inappropriate a few times… Ive been told “We really dont do specials here” on more than one occasion….

7. Your server is cringing.

Can I have some ketchup? (or steak sauce)

Comedian Micky Flanagan talked about this in one of his routines. Asking for ketchup for his risotto in a fancy restaurant, getting given a tiny amount by a disgusted waitress, and having a taste and saying “Very good, I’ll have the bottle.”

6. Like a foreign language.

I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda

5. A fancy word for packet.

“How much are the ketchup sachets?”

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

I made the mistake of asking for A1 at the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been to. The waiter smiled and said, “you won’t need it here.”

4. Just reading this made me hungry.

Can I get my fries Animal Style?

3. Wouldn’t that be the dream.

Are there free refills.

“Sir, that is a Merlot.”

2. Just put the prices on the menu.

Not inappropriate but not common, “how much does this (food item) cost”

I had a job earlier in my career that involved lots of very fancy dinners (e.g. Michelin 3 star) always knew exactly what I was paying.

The only time I recall getting a menu without prices was at some restaurant with antediluvian views on women which gave the “ little ladies” at the table menus without prices. After all they shouldn’t worry their little heads over money, that’s for the men to handle.

1. The classy ranch, please.

Can I get some ranch?

A reasonably nice restaurant (nothing that’ll blow your mind in terms of price, but around $30/person for food items) near me actually does a gourmet take on ranch. I once had the good fortune to chat with the chef, who explained they served it with their burger and fries as a way to thumb their nose at the idea that a “nice” restaurant shouldn’t serve ranch.

Or at least, that’s how I remember it. That burger and the classy ranch sauce that accompanies it are damn good, as are their cocktails, which add a good deal to the price of a meal there.

Some of these made me laugh just imagining the scenario. Ha!

What else goes on this list? We’d love your contributions down in the comments!