16 Times Things Went Hilariously Wrong on “Saturday Night Live”

Image Credit: YouTube

With a show like Saturday Night Live, where improv is welcomed(ish) and skits are rehearsed until the very last minute, it might seem obvious that things don’t always go as planned.

What’s amazing, though, is how often the skits that go “wrong” end up being the funniest, best-received ones of the night.

Here are 16 examples of things going wrong, but turning out hilariously right in the end, anyway.

16. I remember watching the Close Encounter sketch and laughing right along with Ryan Gosling.

He was trying and failing so hard.

15. After this second failure, I’m not sure he’ll be asked back for awhile.

Some actors just cannot handle the hilarity. 

14. Will Ferrell pulled out the tiniest flip phone ever in Jeffrey’s.

Neither Sean Hayes or Jimmy Fallon could handle it. At all.

13. Even the famously stoic Kate McKinnon could not during this Weekend Update.

The meat apparently smelled really disgusting.

12. It’s not exactly hard to get Bill Hader to break, but Fred Armisen went the extra mile in Short Term Memory Loss Theater.

He improved the bit with the jacket.

11. Jimmy Fallon nearly ruined The Love-ahs with Barbara and Dave

Or did he? Because it might just be better this way.

10. Justin Timberlake had to go to his happy place to stop the laughter in The Barry Gibb Talk Show: Bee Gees Singers.

Just look at his face when he finally looks up.

9. Will Ferrell improvising his Harry Caray was too much for Jeff Goldblum.

We were all confused, but in a good way.

8. The More Cowbell sketch is a beautiful mess.

Jimmy Fallon is all of us.

7. Absolutely no one made it through Debbie Downer: Disney World.

Especially not me.

6. The actors in Cast List were getting creative attempting to hide their giggles.

Will Ferrell as a drama teacher was too much.

5. When Kristen Wiig almost ran Maya Rudolph over in Super Showcase Spokesmodels it was over.

For Bill Hader and the rest of us.

4. None of the actors could keep it together during the Californians sketch.

They were on the verge of breaking character the entire time.

3. Chris Farley was the King, and was super hilarious in Matt Foley: Van Down by the River.

Neither David Spade or Christina Applegate stood a chance.

2. Bill Hader ran Melissa Villasenor into the table during Girlfriend’s Game Night.

Not once, but twice. At least he could hide behind her and laugh.

1. Aidy Bryant’s overzealous wardrobe assistant threw a wrench into the works.

It was so unexpected no one could stop the laughter.

I love it! Behind the scenes stuff is the best at making me laugh.

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