13 Tweets That Are All-Time Classics

Source: @FrazzleMyGimp on Twitter

There are some tweets that make you laugh but are soon forgotten, and some that are funny enough that you share then with your friends.

Then, there are the tweets that are just so clever and poignant and evergreen that you’re still giggling about them weeks and months later.

This is a fantastic list of those kind, so get scrolling!

13. “P**s mist” needs to be copyrighted.

That’s A+ wordplay right there.

12. Why is this funny?

I don’t know, but it definitely is.

11. And another one.

I am just absolutely cackling.

10. Wrong song lyrics never fail to disappoint.

This is god, Jerry. Gold.

9. Yes this is all fine and totally normal.

What on earth would make someone’s brain do this?

8. Yeah like didn’t your hair get darker as you aged?

Those poor forever-young blonde men.

7. I am definitely going to say this at some point in my life.

Absolute brilliance.

6. When it’s just too hard to choose.

You see why, right?

5. That’s one way to impress him, I guess.

He probably sees ones just like it all the time.

4. It’s nice to know you’re not alone, right?

I had to read this twice, so.

3. This is one bizarre conversation.

I’m here for the randomness of Twitter, as always.

2. OMG completely accurate.

Definitely funny because it’s true.

1. I feel this burrito tweet in my soul.

I’m sure it’s an American thing.

I haven’t laughed this hard at Twitter content in some time, y’all.

Do you have a tweet like this that just stuck with you? If so, share it with us in the comments!