16 Warning Labels That Most People Totally Ignore

Back in the early aughts, Jerry Seinfeld did a bit about how Americans will ignore all kinds of serious warning labels – like the ones on cigarettes, for example – but they will absolutely never wash something that states it should be dry cleaned only.

The joke was funny because it’s true, because it does seem like warning labels are far more likely to be ignored than heeded, wouldn’t you say?

These 16 people have some pretty spot-on suggestions of warnings we don’t take seriously at all, so take a look and see whether or not you’re guilty of doing it, too!

16. We don’t have time for that.

The one ignored most isn’t a “DO NOT”.

It’s “read all directions/instructions before beginning“

15. What’s the alternative, though?

“Do not insert inside the ear canal.”

I know Q-tips are not supposed to go in there but dang. It’s literally like ear s^x.

14. Like, indefinitely?

Don’t drink alcohol with medication.

I swear everyone I know seems to just ignore that one or just not read the warnings or interactions with their medication in general.

13. What you don’t know…

In my case would be like “warning, do not wash/Gentle cycle/Hand wash…” and other shirts labels.

I hate the feeling of that square thingy on my neck and first thing I do when I buy a shirt is ripping it off.

Found a pair of pants one time that were the were the absolute shit.

Color was awesome, fit was beyond perfect, the fabric felt like being caressed by the nether regions of angels.

Washed them the first time, they came out 4 sizes too small. They were hand wash only.

12. Some warnings should not be ignored.

As a fire investigator I have a list

Do not cook with this oil on high
Do not soak rag in this stain then throw in trash can
Always clean lint trap before use
Do not plug extension cords into this power strip
Do not use this extension cord as a permanent power supply
Do not use this space heater as a permanent heat source
This is the opposite of do not but Check smoke detector batteries every six months
Do not burn candle unattended
Do not burn in fireplace unattended
Just burn bans in general

11. It’s on literally everything.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

I get that it’s on products everywhere, but in Cali, it’s also on buildings and stuff. You drive through McDonald’s and it’s on the window for example

10. A necessary evil.

For N64 – “do not blow on the edge connector”

Some crimes must be committed to get Quest 64 working.

9. But I…hmm.

Glitter eyeshadow usually has a “Warning: Do not use in the immediate eye area” and can cause damage to your corneas (even send you to the ER if you can’t get it out) if even a particle gets in your eye.

8. I’m sure we’ll all be fine.

Microwave on the cup o noodles.

It works fine if you keep an eye on it.

7. Yes we are aware.

The warning on a 100% pure peanuts bag that it MAY contains peanuts.

Lucky i always get a peanuts bag with peanuts.

6. I mean, we’re pretty sure.

“Do not use cellphone near gas pump. May ignite fuel.” (paraphrasing)

This is an old wives tale that needs to die. The evidence is anecdotal, if not non-existent. PLUS, not only do modern smartphones not operate this way; there are gas pumps that offer NFC payment methods, sooo…

5. What are we supposed to shoot them at, then?

That stupid warning on nerf guns that tells you not to shoot them at people.

Uh, okay, sure.

4. Especially when it’s on a BandAid.

Warning: adhesive should not be applied to skin or scalp.

3. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Eat raw cookie dough. Better to die hunched over the toilet from salmonella poisoning than live on my knees.

2. You really should, though.

Probably the warning not to dig before locating water/electric lines.

1. Then why are there more steps??

Do Not Stand Above This Step on ladders

I mean, most of those are just for show, right? Surely?

What’s a warning label you always take seriously? Let us know in the comments!