17 Adorable Couples Recreate Photos Decades Later

It’s one thing to talk about love and the endurance of it, but quite another to see it manifest. Aside from being clever and fun, these couples have created a unique testimony to both love and endurance that says in the blink of an eye what might otherwise take years to explain.

Bored Panda compiled an open list, and I rifled through over 60 submissions to bring you the top 17 (once again ignoring the public vote and ranking them myself):

#17. Let’s start out with babies.

Photo Credit: aubreyandmike.com

#16. Boom! Casablanca kiss.

Photo Credit: 60years

#15. I guess Buenos Aries hasn’t changed much, either….

Photo Credit: Irena Werning

#14. Still solid hair game all-around.

Photo Credit: Michelle White

#13. Chairs to the happy couple!

Photo Credit: Gan Aiden

They keep getting older… and so do we. More awesome after the jump.

#12. Put a bonnet on it.

Photo Credit: Anneli

#11. It’s been a good, long ride.

Photo Credit: reddit

#10. Still burning rubber after all these years….

Photo Credit: version365

Photo Credit: version365

#9. No wall between us…

Photo Credit: elstongunnn

#8. …no bridge too long to cross.


Photo Credit: Holly Nall

#7. Practice made perfect.

Photo Credit: Briggs Fussy

Another ring/flower update after the break….

#6. Is that a to-go container in the new pic?

Photo Credit: twizm

#5. Solid job re-creating the looks.

Photo Credit: Cao Pangpei

#4. Must’ve been a really good party!

Photo Credit: Katie Brindley

#3. They had to stay together to recover from the trauma of the first pic.

Photo Credit: ARCHANT

#2. Marriage can be an easy ride.

Photo Credit: magic976

#1. Save that picture for our “Save the Date”.

Photo Credit: LeviSnuts

I figure using it as your RSVP gets you bonus points (I’m also a sucker for carousels).