17 Airport Pickup Signs That Might Make You Laugh From Here to Baggage Claim

Airport pickups aren’t exactly the most fun things in the world – you have to drive, they never seem to happen at convenient times, you waste your own gas and time, and don’t even get me started on traffic – but you do them in the hopes that one day, when you need a ride, the favor will be returned.

If you’d seen any of these signs while doing your due diligence, I promise your chore would have almost seemed like it was worth it.


17. You might want to call a cab…

16. 100% something my husband would do to me.

15. How will she know HERS, though.

14. That’s one way to get attention.

13. Talk about a warm welcome!

12. When you have something awkward to tell someone, best just get it out of the way.

11. His outfit choice really brings it all together.

10. I’m not sure that everyone needs all that information, but the sentiment is nice.

9. I am so confused by this sign.

8. Awww, Dad.

7. When you’re both big Friends fans.

6. When your kids actually miss you.

5. I would hang around to witness this meet and greet (but also she’s still skinny).

4. Soooo that works?

3. So sweet, what a little guy!

2. Real or fake, it’s kind of an amazing sign.

1. So subtle.

I’m really just kidding – I actually love the airport – but I definitely need to work on my creativity! Because these people have me absolutely beat.

Has anyone ever picked you up with an awesome sign? What did it say?

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