We’ve all got stories like these – the kind of story that when you bring it up, you’re friends groan and say, “Not this again!” But the thing is, it totally happened. And being told that something that actually happened to you is a lie is REALLY FRUSTRATING. Plus, then you start to get a reputation as a liar! The whole experience just sucks. As I’m sure these 17 AskReddit users know, with their stories of incredible things that everyone actually thought were flat out lies:

1. Summertime Rescue

This happened when I was a kid. I lived on a naval base, and the pool there was basically occupied by kids during the long, hot summer, with the adults hanging around at the pool’s edge. I was nuts about going underwater, so used to swim down at the bottom – something most people never did.

Anyway, I was swimming along the bottom when suddenly my heart stopped. I had come across the prone body of this kid called Gareth. I knew his brother, and, thinking he was doing some early 90s version of planking, sunk down and lay next to him on the pool floor. I totally expected him to hit me – but he didn’t. He just lay there. So I poked him. Still lay there. Shook him. Still lay there.

At this point I realized what was going on, and grabbed him and hauled him out of the water, yelling for help. The pool was full of people, but for some reason most of them hadn’t seen the kid. The lifeguard on duty had dived in, and grabbed him from me as I hauled him out.

So there I am, a 10-year-old, watching as a lifeguard takes this kid and puts him on the side of the pool, giving him full CPR. The kid splutters to life, off he goes to the hospital, and the whole pool is shocked.

So we’re all sitting there, and I’m sat next to this kid called Aaron. And I start telling him what happened, and he insists no, he was the one who got help. He saw the kid, got the lifeguard. And I’m thinking ‘this is crap’. Then the adults start lecturing us on how Aaron had been so brave and heroic.
What had happened, of course, is that we’d both acted. But Aaron got a bike as a reward and grateful thanks from parents. I got called a liar at school. It’s one of those weird memories where everything about it is miserable, but I’m still glad I did it.

2. “Why does nobody listen to me?”

A while ago, I had the most excruciating pain in my abdomen that I have ever felt in my life. Can’t even come up with words to describe it. Went to three separate doctors who told me I had a virus and I was exaggerating/had a low pain tolerance. My entire family said the same.

Flash forward to two weeks later and I finally found out the terrifying cause.

I had to have emergency surgery cause turns out I had an autoimmune disease that was attacking my large intestine. It was so last minute my intestine had already broken and practically disintegrated. What followed was septic shock, a coma, and two resuscitations.

Flash forward three weeks later the doctors are telling me they’re moving me out of the ICU and I’m begging them not to because I still don’t feel any better. Again; you’re exaggerating, you’re being negative, your mindset influences your physical state… until I begged them to do another CT scan and they did.

Turns out I had huge abscesses that the antibiotics weren’t getting to. Two more operations and three more weeks in the ICU. Why does nobody listen to me?

3. Hangman

I guessed “Megalomaniacal” straight up playing hangman once; no letters on the board. Everyone was convinced I’d watched the person look it up in the dictionary.

4. Missing Cat

Came home one day and the cat was missing. Wife was in tears. Searched for hours. No cat. I look in filing cabinet. There cat is. Just sleeping. I pick cat up and show to wife. Wife accuses me of locking the cat in the filing cabinet as some sort of bizarre prank. I am innocent. Nobody believes me. We’re divorced now.

5. Wild Boar

My parents live in a more rural neighborhood in my hometown. I was late to school one day because a giant boar was blocking the road. It was massive and could have seriously damaged my car.

We typically get snakes, bunnies, raccoons, etc. in the neighborhood but no one had seen a boar before. So naturally my teacher didn’t believe me and neither did my parents. I didn’t get in trouble but I was definitely made fun of as if I claimed I saw Big Foot or something.

Then my dad was late because of the boar. My mom and other family thought we were joking around and still didn’t believe us. Finally a year later my mom saw the stupid boar. To her credit, she called and apologized.