17 of Our Favorite Parenting Tweets

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If there’s one thing all parents can agree on, it’s that this gig can be downright hilarious. Or at the very least, we have to laugh about things so that we don’t end up running away screaming like our hair is on fire.

Unless your hair is actually on fire, in which case, please don’t run. Stop, drop, and roll, people.

These 17 people have the whole joking about the madness thing down pat – and you and I are the beneficiaries, thanks to a beautiful little invention called Twitter.

17. This is how conversations with my mother went when I used to threaten to run away from home

Photo Credit: Twitter,LetMeStart

16. They say kids are perceptive…

15. Kid logic

Photo Credit: Twitter,TheAlexNevil

14. You’re definitely doing it right

Photo Credit: Twitter,FeralCrone

13. If someone offers to help clean my windows, they can have at it

Photo Credit: Twitter,MyMomologue

12. That’s a double win right there

Photo Credit: Twitter,daddydoinwork

11. What is this “sitting down” that you speak of?

Photo Credit: Twitter,yenniwhite

10. Having that in common could be the basis for a lifelong friendship!

Photo Credit: Twitter,simoncholland

9. I would also like to order a penguin

8. My days giving rides home to my drunk sorority sisters are about to come in handy

7. And now I’m laughing, too

Photo Credit: Twitter,moooooog35

6. When your 6-year-old breaks your world

5. Sleeping children make you wonder wtf you were complaining about all afternoon

Photo Credit: Twitter,yenniwhite

4. And breakfast!

Photo Credit: Twitter,MyMomologue

3. Oh, how the mighty have fallen

Photo Credit: Twitter,LurkAtHomeMom

2. She’s asleep, don’t question it

1. The truth is strong with this one

Photo Credit: Twitter,moooooog35

h/t: Bored Panda

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