17 Great Responses to Chrissy Teigen’s Request for Moments When People Were ‘Famous for Like a Minute.’

Image Credit: Twitter

There are people who are famous forever, like John Wilkes Booth or Julius Caesar, people who are famous in their time, like Julia Roberts or Zac Efron, and people who are mostly normal, but have a minute where they’re totally hot sh*t.

Then there are the rest of us, who will never be famous, not even for a minute. That’s okay, too. Maybe, in the long run, it’s even the best way to be.

These 17 people definitely had a story to tell when Chrissy Teigen asked for it, though, and I’m loving the chance to live vicariously for a minute of my own!

17. It’s just nice to be noticed, I suppose.

Who doesn’t like to be compared to an infant?

16. When you will forever be “the girl in the wiener leggings.”

Why on earth do such a thing exist?

15. No high schooler needs that kick in the crotch.

I mean. Ouch.

14. I would get punched in the face to work with John Oliver for a day.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

13. Too bad he couldn’t make that one stick.

This is pretty darn cute.

12. This is by far my favorite one.

I mean. That eyeliner is spot on.

11. Becoming a meme is riding a razor’s edge.

And no one asks if you WANT to be a meme; it just happens.

10. 2001 me is quite jealous.

I wish I was joking, honestly.

9. I think she missed her calling!

The acting, not the prostitution.

8. Talk about a perfect storm of a moment!

This is just so meta I can’t stand it.

7. Just watching this makes me nauseous.

No way in hell.

6. Well that’s completely adorable.

I wish I had been younger and could have loved this show.

5. Those expressions, though.

That show was the best.

4. I would 100% whip this out at parties.

This is an awesome gig!

3. Hahaha how awkward is that?

For him and also for all of us.

2. Having been in the video, I bet she never expected to be famous at all.

There really is no predicting what’s going to catch on.

1. I bet her friends thought she was so cool.

Until middle school rolled around and they didn’t.

I’ve gotta say…yeah, I’m cool with my anonymous existence.

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