17 Non-Brits Have Some Great Question For The Brits Among Us

I think most of us have questions now and again about cultures other than our own, right? It’s only natural, when we know they do things differently and we want to understand why – maybe to laugh, but maybe also a little bit because we’re wondering if we should switch things up, too.

Here are 17 questions that some non-Brits have for the British people of Reddit, and honestly, now I need to know what the answers are, too.

17. The good and the bad.

Q: How do you enjoy living where you do? What are your favorite parts?

A: I live in Warwickshire, UK, despite my Reddit name (I came back).

When we moved here from Brazil we did a balanced scorecard type thing where we (wife and I) listed all the criteria that were important to us, prioritize them and then we scored various places around the world on each criterion, objectively using referenced stats. We were pretty surprised that Warwickshire beat ‘straya, Canada, West & East coast US and other places but here we are after 6 years+ and we’re loving it.

Warwickshire is located centrally with lush green countryside, 10 minutes from one of the best preserved medieval castles in Europe (Warwick) and 10 minutes from the ruins of what was described as finest architecture in Elizabethan England (Kenilworth), but only 1 hour by train to London, 20 minutes to Birmingham (2nd largest city in the UK), and several international airports within 30 minutes taxi ride. 6 hours to drive to St Andrews and the same to Cornwall.

My local pub dates back to the 11th century, the area is awash with National Trust properties, we have Michelin starred restaurants, a rich tapestry of architecture and glorious pubs with fine selections of real beer and good food. People are friendly and there are many activities to meet people and enter social groups arriving as an outsider.

The winter months during which it gets dark at 15:30 can be a bit grim but apart from that it’s great. So far.

16. I like the word, regardless.

Q: Is wanker a legitimate insult or is it used ironically? I can’t imagine calling someone a wanker with anger in my heart.

A: It entirely depends on the situation and how you say it.

With a mate who drops a pint, it’s a good natured ribbing.

The guy that cuts you off in traffic it’s a legitimate insult.

15. You do you.

Q: What do u think about the differences between Britain-English and America-English?

A: Honestly the only thing I don’t like about it is that my phone likes to autocorrect to the America-english version of what I type.

Besides that I don’t care, you do you

14. They’ve been at this a long time.

Q: How are your curse words so much better than Americans?

A: It’s our language, home field advantage. Plus we can use them freely without public disdain, ya cheeky c**t 😉

13. A question about tea.

Q: I have recently tried Yorkshire Gold tea, it is amazing. But I don’t have a good method for straining out the leaves, and then my tea is over steeped. Is there a bag brand tea that is good?

A: Get a loose tea infuser. Put the tea in the mesh ball or tube, add infuser to appropriate temp water for set time, remove and drink.

12. The burning question we all have.

Q: How do you pronounce Worcestershire correctly?

A: Wuh-stuh-shuh. I live in the north part so non-rhotic

11. A simple answer for a simple question.

Q: Is hanging on in quiet desperation really the English way?

A: Yes.

10. So many roundabouts.

Q: Is it true that Milton Keynes has a lot of roundabouts?

A: It is. There’s a roundabout at most junctions, and junctions are about every 100-200 yards.

The drive to Nottingham IKEA may be twice as far, but it feels half the distance as there aren’t 50 roundabouts you have to navigate with furniture in the back!!!

9. Could we give him back?

Q: Would you please come collect James Corden?

A: Nope, you’ve got to keep him. A Corden is for life not just for Christmas.

8. There are a lot of accents.

Q: What’s your favorite stereotype?

A: That we all have either cut glass English accents or are cockney.

You wouldn’t be able to understand what 95% of the population was saying if you came here. Even we can’t half the time if we move more than two counties over.

7. It works out better that way.

Q: Why do your best tv shows only have 18 episodes?

A: Because they are traditionally produced with much smaller budgets than US shows.

They normally have a much smaller team of writers (sometimes only two or three), and no showrunners.

6. Climate change is coming for them, too.

Q: What is a luxury item you have or would love to have?

A: Would love to have air conditioning.

I have a naturally high body temperature and spend all day going into elderly people’s homes to help them, while dressed in full PPE. This year we had a heatwave that reached 38°c in some places.

I dreaded trying to sleep at night even with three fans. Our windows open at the top and won’t support an AC unit, even if I could find one or afford it. 🙁

5. Questions about tea.

Q: When is it appropriate to add milk to tea? Are there situations or types of tea wherein you should NOT add milk?

I didn’t assume you’d add the milk before steeping the tea. Thank you for making sure i’m not a psychopath, though.

A: Milk goes in black tea /English breakfast tea (what 99% of brits drink) but not in herbal tea, green tea, white tea etc

4. They’ve gone downhill.

Q: Does Arsenal actually always try and walk it in?

A: They used to. In more recent years they kinda forgot where they were trying to walk it to entirely.

3. It’s really good, too.

Q: Can you ask for vinegar at a fish and chip shop?

British person once put vinegar on their chips near me and I was so f**king confused and flabbergasted.

A: They’ll usually ask you if you want salt and vinegar on your chips, yeah. Salt and vinegar crisps are also very popular here (not sure if they are as much in other countries)

2. What about the royal family?

Q: What do you think about non-brits being invested/interested in the Royals? Are you invested/interested?

A: I care about the royals as much as they care about me- not at all.

1. And the Aussies?

Q: What y’all think of us crims down under?

A: Fkn love the Aussies. You’re like the way we are when we’re alone and nobody’s looking.

Well, there you have it – these are some pretty valid questions, I think.

What other burning questions do you have for the British people? Drop them in the comments!