17 People Confess the Dark Secrets About Their Profession

Every person, every home, every family, and apparently every profession, has their secrets.

And some of these 17 people are confessing questionable practices that may change the way you look at doing everyday business, believe me.

17. Does heat kill mold? Asking for all of us.

At a very large pizza chain restaurant that remains widely popular, we had these perforated pans for thin crust and stuffed crust pizzas. They’d get washed in the dish washer by the hundreds per day and at least half would still have burnt cheese and shit on them.

Well they were just stacked to dry. When making new pizzas in those pans, sometimes the pans that were left to “dry” overnight grew bits of mold around the burnt cheese. We were told just to put the dough on top because otherwise we’d never keep up with the orders if we rewashed everything. The manager said, “don’t worry, it gets cooked”.

16. This shouldn’t surprise anyone…but it should make you mad.

I work at a county jail in the midwest. The most disturbing thing about jail is the terrible loop some inmates get stuck in. Many inmates with mental issues get caught in this loop where they cant have any clothes or items because they will try to kill themselves and they are locked in their cell for 23 hours a day.

This makes them more angry so when they are finally let out they lash out at staff and then are locked down again. Its a vicious cycle for a lot of inmates and makes a lot of mental illness a whole lot worse.

Staff cant do anything though because if they allow the inmate with mental illness to socialize then they risk a lawsuit from those around them, because of the individuals history of violent outbursts. Majority of hospitals wont take them because they wont risk their staff.

So they are just stuck in a room and their only hope is consistent medication stabilizing them.

15. How gross.

A lot of the time the engineer you talk to about your project (and decide to trust with it) delegates it to cheaper contractors as soon as you sign the paperwork.

Their job is new business.

14. This sounds pretty shady.

Pretty much ALL the high-end handmade in Australia jewellery in Australia is made at a secret factory in Bali.

All the clients have to show an established business and sign confidentiality agreements.

13. They’re so charming no one cares.

Sometimes librarians read the new books before registering them in the catalogue for the public. * evil laughter *

12. I just gasped.

Have you ever started filling out a form for a quote on something (insurance website, or literally anything) and then changed your mind and said “nah, I don’t want to give them my personal information”, and then abandoned the form before pressing “submit”?

If you think that stopped them from getting your personal information, it didn’t. Most companies looking to capture leads will capture your info in real time as you enter it into a form.

The submit button is just there to move you to the next step, not to actually send your information to the company.

11. That seems right (and wrong).

Air traffic control (cue the Breaking Bad jokes)

A diagnosis of virtually any mental illness…and a diagnosis of many physical conditions…is disqualifying and will end your career. For that reason, people avoid doctors like the plague.

10. I’m assuming criminals play these odds.

Customs broker here. Every day hundreds of thousands of containers and air shipments arrive into United States territory. The volume of customs entries entered every day is staggering.

When we get licensed to be a customs broker we are trained and tested not just on knowledge, but ethics. We even take a pledge to partner with CBP to uphold the law, and cooperate with them should we come across anything suspicious. Why so much emphasis on this?

Customs can’t actually screen everything coming in. I’m oversimplifying but CBP basically works on the honor system. You file an entry saying what the shipment is, and they just take your word for it and release it. This happens hundreds of thousands of times a day. Maybe at best customs can screen 3-7% of what’s coming in, the rest of just waived through….

9. This should probably change.

My dad is a pilot and could have really benefitted from therapy and possibly mild antidepressants in recent years. (His anxiety was through the roof to the point where his sleep suffered.)

His main reason for not seeking professional help was that he was afraid his license would be revoked. It sucks.

8. People who have followed these manuals are not shocked.

You know the people who write instruction manuals or user guides in things you buy?

Half the time, they’ve never even seen or touched the product. Some dude just sends us pictures, a rough description of how it’s supposed to work, and that’s it.

7. Way more than they want/need to know.

Young kids talk to their teachers/coaches/counselors/principals about their parents.

A lot.

And kids pick up on all the dirty little secrets.

6. It’s a brave new world.

If it has to be accessed regularly in an IT setting? It’s not secure. Not unless you’re in an industry that actually polices it.

Yes, people are dumb enough to pick up USB thumb drives they find on the ground. The nicer and newer it is, the more likely it’ll get plugged in.

Also, if you’re looking to verify the security of your vendors, don’t announce your visit.

5. This is interesting.

Lots of performing musicians don’t ever really get over stage fright. Many of them take beta blockers to help with nerves. Although it’s less about the mental side of it and more the fact that you physically can’t perform if you get so nervous that your hands are shaking. That’s what beta blockers help with; you’ll probably still feel anxious mentally, but any physical effects like shaking or sweating will be gone.

Not really a ‘dark’ secret, as there’s not usually bad side effects of beta blockers, but I guess some people might see that as cheating in a way. Personally, I find it kind of inspiring knowing that lots of people struggle with the same thing as me, and there’s a solution that isn’t just ‘suck it up and deal with it’.

4. I’m sure all of the germs are gone.

Sometimes we lick artifacts to quickly determine if they are bone or pottery (bone sticks pottery doesn’t).

And then tap them on our teeth to determine if they are pottery or a rock (rock will hurt pottery won’t). Archaeology

3. This seems like human behavior, 101.

I work in logistics/trucking/rail/ocean/air freight.

Everyone, lies about everything, all the time.

2. This is completely messed up.

There is a problem in substance abuse treatment in the United States called body brokering. Substance abuse treatment can be very expensive and insurance companies pay A LOT of money for a patient to be there.

Treatment centers will hire “body brokers” to find addicts with the best, highest paying insurance and entice them to check in to the specific center, the treatment center then gives the broker a commission from the insurance money.

This can go as far as body brokers literally putting more drugs in to the hands of some addicts before they come in, bc the higher level of drugs in your system upon admit, the more and longer the insurance company will pay to the treatment center.

Brokers will also hire other addicts in a pyramid scheme type way to check in to the treatment center, make friends with the other patients, and upon discharge encourage relapse so they come back to treatment.

1. I’m sure the auditors are wise to this.

Padding paperwork (studies) to slow an auditor down.

Every data point, all the minutiae of the calculations, unnecessarily dense explanations of statistical methods that go on at length with notes about distribution fitting.

They (auditors) aren’t usually very technical, so they stop at each spot along the way without realizing they can throw half the thing out.

If you’re good, you can balloon a 30 page document into 100 in a matter of minutes.

I’m shook, y’all!

Also I’m a little disappointed that I can’t think of a single thing like this for my own profession of “writer…”

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