17 People Discuss Cheap Products That Are Game-Changers


We live in a society where a lot of people think you have to spend a whole bunch of money on products in order for them to be useful.

Cars, clothes, gadgets, etc.

Some of us have realized that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, cheaper is not only more cost-effective, but it’s actually BETTER and these little purchases make our lives a lot easier.

Here are the cheap products that AskReddit users think are really great.

Let’s take a look!

1. This thing is great!

“Those plastic drain snakes for hair. Looks like a zip tie with a bunch of cuts in the sides to make it jagged.

For anyone with bathroom sink/shower/tub drains that are clogged, this thing is awesome. 10/10 would recommend before buying harsh drain cleaners.”

2. Fun with cleaning!

“Drill brush attachment. I clean everything with them: couch, carpet, cement, counters.

I guess everything that starts with a C…”

3. Very handy.

“A small sewing kit.

I moved out of home and my mum gave me one. It contained a few needles, string, spare buttons, small scissors, measuring tape etc….at first I thought wtf I will never need this. I have now used that sewing kit countless times. Fixing buttons, sewing holes in clothes etc. Very handy!”

4. Living a lie!

“Potato peelers.

I was living a lie before I purchased one of these babies. I don’t even know who I was before that.”

5. I need to get one of these.

“Tongue scraper.

Even if you brush your tongue well and think it’s clean you’ll be surprised by how much cleaner it looks after one use.”

6. Good for all situations.

“A long phone charging cable.

I’m talking like 6 feet or longer.”

7. The good stuff.

“High quality spices.

You don’t even realize how terrible most commercial spices are until you get good ones.”

8. A life-changer.


As someone with allergies, I have tried 20+ different antihistamines and nothing works as well as diphenhydramine. Shit makes me pass out and sleep for 10 hours though.”

9. Get organized.

“I bought a plastic folder with dividers in it to sort bills, important mail, receipts, etc. even though I get so few physical papers I need to keep these days. This has been so great for my organization/sanity.

Now if I ever DO need those things, they are easy to find instead of lost to the abyss.”

10. Sounds of the city.

“If you live in a city: earbuds to sleep. I came from a small town and the only noise were cows or church bells.

When I moved to the city I now live in my sleep would constantly get interrupted and my sleeping pattern got fucked up. Now with the noise gone I sleep far better.

The noises were never really loud so it took me a long time to realize why I was always tired.”

11. I love this stuff!

“Parchment paper.

It’s like $5 for a huge roll. I promise you, your cookies will come out perfect each time you use it. Also good if you’re making multiple things in the oven. Just switch out the paper between items instead of dirtying two pans.”

12. Easy peasy.

“Garlic and a small bottle of olive oil can liven up pretty much any dish. Mince the garlic, or mash it with a pinch of salt on a cutting board using the back of a fork.

Toast that bitch up in a tiny bit of regular canola or rice bran oil (be careful not to burn it), and finish the dish with a drizzle of olive oil.

I use it for mac & cheese, grilled chicken, aglio e olio, shrimp, whatever. If you make a lot of Asian food, swap the olive oil for sesame (cold pressed is best but may or may not show up within $10).”

13. Check the temp.

“Meat thermometer.

Really ups your cooking/grilling and definitely worth the investment for a good at home steak.”

14. I second this!

“Those little pop sockets for your phone.

I got one for free and stuck it on thinking I wouldn’t use it but it’s so convenient. I find that it makes it a lot easier to hold onto the phone at whatever angle you need to, especially during speaker calls, and being able to easily prop up your phone to watch a video or something is awesome.

I love my little pop socket.”

15. I use mine all the time!

“A library card.

It’s great.”

16. Wear it. Love it.

“Eye masks / sleeping shades whatever you call them.

Much improved sleep quality, and sleep is pretty important.”

17. For the winter months.

“If you live where it snows, a windshield cover. Goes on the outside and keeps ice and snow off the windshield. You can pull the cover off and the snow goes with it. Saved me from being late for work many times.

Might not be able to see out any other window but I can see to get driving. Obviously the safest option is to clear all the windows and surfaces.”

Good stuff!

Okay, now it’s your turn!

What cheap products do you think really improve your life?

Let us know in the comments!