17 People Offer Up Suggestions Of Free Men Who Should Definitely Be In Prison

So many of us are into true crime these days, and with podcasts, television shows, movies, and books to keep us busy, there’s a good chance there are a bunch of running lists out there on exactly this topic.

Because for every solved murder or missing persons case out there there is one that hasn’t been officially closed – even if the detectives who worked the case are sure they know who did it.

Which means there are more than a few guilty people walking among us – and these are 17 people who some honestly think should be in prison.

17. I’m so not shocked.

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg. He left a GOP event where he was drinking, drove off the road and hit a man. The man went into the windshield so far that his glasses were left on the back seat. Ravnsborg went home and called the police after he slept it off. He told them ( not the insurance company) that he thinks he hit a deer.

He was able to only get charged with a misdemeanor and pay a $1000 fine. When he found out that he had escaped most charges he went on the publicly ask if anyone knew if the man was suicidal. South Dakota is going to slow walk censuring him in any way, likely going to wait for things to calm down before letting him off to continue his job.


Kathleen and Martin Obrien. Neglected, starved, and abused their adopted children for 7 years. Got one year jail time.

They did things such as subject them to days of solitary confinement in a room with only a bucket for a bathroom, starved them, forced them to eat their own vomit, beat them, and made them watch the biological children eat when they couldn’t.

There’s a dr phil episode about it with the children.

15. And of course we’re harboring her.

That politician’s wife who did a hit a run in the UK, then hightailed it back to the USA before she could be arrested.

She f**ked up and killed a teenager and then ran away like a coward.

14. Extremely disturbing.

Absolutely everyone involved in the faculty of Elan.

My grandmother worked there the entirety of my childhood. She and I were close, and I didn’t find out what Elan really was until after she died. I heard her say more than once that a few of my cousins would benefit from some time there.

It was extremely disturbing to learn what she was participating in after she passed away. She was in charge of the phone systems and set up kids curricula and schedules

The idea that someone who supported me and my family through so many hard times was directly participating in the psychological and emotional torture of so many kids is something I don’t think I’ll ever wrap my head around

I wish she were still around to ask about it

Does anybody who went to the school remember her? She was there for 30 years

13. He got away with murder.

OJ Simpson.

I’m listening to the You’re Wrong About series on this, and jesus christ. There’s really no way he didn’t do it. Abused his wife for 18 years which ultimately ended in her death. Gets “interviewed” by police for 30 minutes, no lawyer, but no hardball questions. Is allowed to go back home where one of the key witnesses also lives. No surveillance, no flight risk, etc.

Absolutely ridiculous.

12. For life.

Junko Furuta’s killers.

If it makes you feel better, 2chan keeps finding the killer’s new identities and outing them every few years. So there’s that.

This case and many others, along with a very recent case this week where an older brother killed his sister, have inspired many many calls for reforming the way of prosecuting minors in Japan.

11. Don’t forgive him because he’s old.


One of the most prolific rapists in American history.

10. What’s going on in Japan?

I forget his name, but there is a guy in Japan that killed, and partially ate a girl, and now he’s walking around free in Japan.

Issei Sagawa I think you mean..absolute disgusting monster..He has interviews describing the vulgar s*%t he did and still roams around free talking about it like we talk about our day.

9. Irreparable damage.

Andrew Wakefield.

He’s the clown that started the MMR causes autism nonsense way back. He wrote a paper that never should have been published because it was shoddy and he did it all for personal gain. Countless people (kids, let’s be honest) have died due to this man’s influence.

His dishonesty has led to a generation doubting vaccination despite it being probably the safest and most effective weapon in the arsenal of modern medicine.

Dude lost his medical license but deserves to live in the deepest darkest cell in the prison.

8. A preschool.

Karla Homolka. I’ve heard that she pretty much gets run out of any town she moves to. I do feel really bad for her 3 kids.

She was volunteering at the preschool that her children attended. Like when mom comes in for story time, or to help with crafts, that sort of thing. You can imagine how the other parents felt when they figured out who she was….

7. Thanks I hate it.

Those 2 british kids (adults by now) that murdered a little kid and now get protection from the british goverment, including being ilegal to post their face on the internet, can’t really remember their name but the case is quite famous.

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. Jon has actually gone back to prison for possession of child p**nography.

6. And also their parents.

Ethan Couch, the “affluenza” kid.

And Dustin Camp. He’s the little shit that ran over a guy in Amarillo.

There’s also Matthew Barnett who was not prosecuted for rape despite evidence showing he committed the crime because his grandpa was a State Senator at the time in Missouri.

5. Especially if you’re rich and/or famous.

Onision, took custody of a 14 year old and started having s^x with her on her 18th birthday.

Somehow child grooming is completely legal in America.

Protip: if you want to like celebrities, don’t read about their marriages. This is a shockingly common tactic, tons of musicians/actors have done this exact thing. A couple have legally adopted girls, then given themselves parental consent to marry those underage girls.

4. Like almost all of them.

An alarmingly large amount of politicians.

This should be a Cards against Humanity card.

3. All of them.

Jamie Spears.

All of her family really. Especially the Jamie’s though. Both the dad and sister Jamie Lynne.

2. We’re all angry.

The Sackler family.

I’m angered, but not surprised at the ruling: sell the company, pay 4.3 billion dollars to the families, admit no wrongdoing and be completely shielded from any future opioid related lawsuits.

It is a massive miscarriage of justice, but something that is so typical in cases like this.

1. Revolting.

James Charles.

I’m shocked this one is so far down. He’s done this MULTIPLE times and calls it ‘drama’ when it’s a literal crime.

Said he’s desperate, but no man is so desperate for a boyfriend that they talk to little boys.

He is revolting.

Well, I’m angrier now that I was before I started writing this.

What about you? Tell us your thoughts on this list in the comments!