17 People Recall Their Most Embarrassing Trip To The Doctor

I feel like, in most cases, it’s only the patients who are able to be embarrassed by the reasons they are forced to go see a doctor. By the time most (if not all) doctors make it out of medical school and their residencies, they must have already about seen and heard it all.

Knowing that doesn’t stop regular people from wishing they were there for some other reason, though, and honestly…some of these 17 doctors just might have been at least a little bit surprised as well.

17. Awkward for anyone.

When I had to show my naked butt to the doctor in the hospital and she spread my butt cheeks to look inside and then a dozen student doctors (interns?) came in the room and were all staring at my butt for what felt like hours.

16. Not following directions.

Not as embarrassing as the others but the time I was really slack about taking my blood thinners cause they are expensive AF and my job was wobbly thanks to the plague.

Ended up in hospital with blood clots in my lungs and a kidney infection.

I now take them as directed.

15. Uncomfortable for everyone.

I’m Brazilian (m) and a friend that didn’t speak Portuguese called me and said “there’s blood in my stool” desperately. I got him to the ER right away. The crew didn’t speak English, so I had to go with him to the room and explained what happened to the doctor, who didn’t believe our story and thought we were having “fun” together when the bleeding started, because he thought it would be ok to check my friend’s butthole while I was in the room.

The doctor made a gesture to him to put his pants down and turn around so he did. I started getting really worried for what I was about to see, so I asked: “can i go outside and then you just tell me what you saw? I’ll translate everything you tell me, but I’d like to give you some privacy” – the doctor just stared at me like asking “why?”. While he was getting his parts checked, I was in the corridor laughing so hard the nurse thought I was having some sort of panic attack, so I had to explain what just happened to her, so she went to the room as she could speak English and make things easier for me – and also check if I was telling the truth, who knows?

The doctor figured out his asshole was ok, he just ate too many beets. He’d just need an ointment and the nurse started to explain to us how to use it. For some reason she gave us the instructions talking really slowly and making gestures “get some ointment with your index finger and go oooutsiiiide ☝️ NOOOT INNN. Outsiiiiide” 🥲

14. That must have been annoying.

Infected ballsack.

Crushed my nuts with a milkcrate at work, and when asked by the emergency staff how it happened they were confused. Spent roughly 10hrs trying to explain how and even had to demonstrate a few times.

13. Like it wasn’t painful enough already.

Cut the flap of skin that connects my sack to the shaft of my penis with hair clippers. Not only was it a day that they were training new doctors but also my mom worked for the hospital and saw my name on the computer system.

So by the end of the visit, I had 5 extra young doctors staring while I got stitches but also my mom walked in too thinking something bad happened to me

12. Sure, it’s funny now.

The time I went for a pelvic exam, and my gynecologist was rummaging around down there and suddenly asked me if I’d ever been to the Grand Canyon.

11. Every last one of them.

Found a small lump on the left testicle

I went to see the urologist, and when the nurse brought me to the room, inside there was a doctor with around 20 students.

Doctor told me to lie down on bed and take my pants and underwear off. And not to worry about students, how they will be doctors one day as well.

He put the gloves on, and proceeded with the exam, trying to find the lump by moving his fingers around my left testicle.

After he finally found it, he called the first student, and told him to look for the lump.

Every single person in that room was touching my balls

That was weird as F

10. Happens to the best of us.

Went to the ER for stomach pains, worried about appendix, spleen, gall bladder etc.

I was constipated.

My brother still tells the joke that the one time i went to the doctor I was full of s*%t.

9. At least it was an easy answer.

I had a ton of pain in my balls. And read too many TIFU by getting testicular torsion posts on here and a recent coworker who was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I went in to get the pain checked out. Wouldn’t go away, kept me up at night, just really freaked me out and hurt.

After much inspection and touching. The doc asked about what kind of underwear I wear and I said boxers. He said he recommends getting boxer briefs as I have saggy balls and have most likely torn a ligament or muscle. I immediately bought some boxer briefs and sure enough by within a little over a month the pain had subsided.

I paid $250 for the doc to tell me I have saggy balls and get new underwear.

8. It’s so much worse than you think.

Period bloating + gas makes you wonder if you are, in fact, dying. Especially if the gas won’t pass.

Pain doesn’t usually make me cry, but I have on one occasion spent two hours on the floor because the pain was unbearable trying to stand up, trying to shift your bowels enough to get the pain to stop. Was certain my intestines were going to rupture.

7. That hurts. Ha!

I had a cat scan for a kidney stone, since that’s all they were looking for in the notes it said penis: unremarkable.

I know it’s not much but dang.

6. It’s true, but…

Post salmonella hemmorhoids. I went to my usual male doctor and told him about my painful butt things and he politely asked if I would like a female doctor to check them (I am a woman).

I said cheerfully “Nah mate, all good, everyone’s got a butthole!”

He did do the check, but I was silently asking myself the whole time…’why did you say that?? Why?’

5. Kids, am I right?

I was pretty young, had never swallowed a pill before, my only experience with anything pill like was flinstone vitamins. I was in there with my mom and was given a tylenol and a cup of water, and I guess no one imagined I had never taken a pill before, so I immediately popped it in my mouth and vigorously chewed, and then immediately threw up from the bitter taste. My reaction was surprise and confusion.

Doctor was just like “… You just swallow them… with the water…” like I was some stinking idiot.

4. Not exactly a bestseller.

Hemorrhoids by far.

I know women go through way worse at the Gyno and idk what I expected but I was not prepared to lay on my side in the fetal position while the doctor opened my a$$ cheeks like he was about to read a book.

3. This is priceless.

I was about 15 and at the doctors laying on that short table waiting for the doctor. I couldn’t figure out why that dumb table was so short and tried to figure out a way to make it longer. Well I realized at the end of the table there were these fancy leg extensions. So I pulled them out and waited.

Doctor came in and started laughing hysterically and asked me what kind of exam I wanted? I didn’t realize what I had done until 20 years later I went to the doctors with my wife. Kind of a delayed embarrassment!

EDIT: I probably should include the part as to the look I had on my face 20 years later when it all came to me and I figured out what actually happened! I am sure my wife was puzzled as to why I was laughing so hard while she was having her check up done!

2. That really sounds gross.

I had a cyst on my upper butt crack for the better part of a month.. one lovely Saturday morning it’s gotten so large and swollen that I couldn’t even walk or sit down without crying in pain

I’m the first person to the Urgent Care that morning and find myself laying sideways on a table with a lovely Doctor using a scalpel to force an eruption of the volcano that had formed between my cheeks. It was instant relief and used probably 20 pieces of gauze to clean up.

I’d say that one.. even worse than getting my balls ultrasound

1. An expensive trip.

Woke up one day with severe pain in my lower right abdomen. I was aware this was a possible indication of appendicitis, so I’m worried.

Got to the walk-in clinic where they ran some tests and an x-ray.

After awhile the doctor comes in and simply says… “You’re full of s*%t.” and laughed

I said excuse me!?

Come to find out I was severely constipated. They prescribed a laxative and a few hours later I was feeling a lot better.

Y’all, I am dead. I have never been this embarrassed at the doctor. Yet.

What about you? Tell us your most embarrassing stories in the comments!