17 People Reveal Their Deepest, Darkest Secret

Everyone has secrets. Literally everyone. Watching true crime documentaries and listening to true crime podcasts are enough to convince me that we never really know everything about anyone.

That said, most of our secrets aren’t the sort of thing that would interest the local police, you know?

These 17 people have some dark ones, though, but they’re ready to anonymously confess to Reddit!

17. Their inner child.

My mother would get into rage mode and she would slap me around like a rag doll for years. As soon as I was pissing myself like a dog she would go on overdrive mode.

My father only had eyes for my sister and never addressed me.

I made a promise to myself that one day I’ll make them both pay. I cut off all ties for 5 years now and never felt better.

I owed it to my inner child.

16. He almost let go.

Last year I went into the hospital for Covid. I had to be put on a vent for three weeks, put into a medical coma, resuscitated a couple of times and was pretty close to death for those entire three weeks. My dark secret is I wanted to die. I was going through a divorce and suffering from severe depression. I just felt like my world was over and there was nothing to live for. I was almost happy that a virus was going to do what I was too chicken shit to do myself. I was accepting that death was coming and didn’t care to fight it.

It wasn’t until while in my medical coma they had my family come to tell me bye as they thought I wouldn’t make it through the night that I decided I wanted to live. I am an only child and was raised by a single mother. I heard her telling me how much she loved me and that I was such a fighter and to keep fighting. That was a moment that turned everything around. It gave me a will and want to live. I had a turnaround that night and lived and slowly started recovering. It has been a long and hard road to recovery and I am still not there yet. Had I not had that moment of hearing here I am pretty sure I would have died.

I have told my mom about how much hearing her meant to me, but I have told no one about how I was ready and wanting to die at that time. If the hospital hadn’t lifted their Covid protocols to allow my mom into the room to say goodbye I think I would have just accepted death.

15. You’re not alone.

Sometimes I spend whole meetings wondering how they got the big meeting table through the door.

14. Wait, for real?

I’m a 36F and have a special savings account for a future sugar baby when I’m old and wrinkled.

13. I hope they find someone to talk to.

I have high functioning depression. No one knows this. I mask it well and hide it from pretty much everyone.

Everyone thinks I’m happy and sociable all the time, when in truth, I’m just pretending and putting on a mask. I’m just miserable.

I hate my job and hate my life.

12. He’s not going to handle it well.

My wife has stage 4 breast cancer. I am watching her slowly die.

The dark secret that no one knows (not even my wife) is if it wasn’t for our 3 kids (6, 8, 11) I would end my own life after she passes.

this may be her last Christmas …

Edit: just wanted to add a few things. My wife pushed me to get my bachelor’s degree which has allowed us to be comfortable financially as well as she has VA benefits so we have not had the financial challenges that others have (they have it so much worse then me)

She also has a will in place and is able to get a death doula to help her through this.

I know I will make it through this, but it has been very helpful to say this. I don’t have anyone in my life that I can trust to talk to about this so I appreciate everyone’s responses.

11. Uncomfortable is one word for it.

When I was 16 I went over to a buddies place and thought it would be funny to sneak inside and scare him. I knew their back porch door was usually unlocked so I let myself in and quietly went upstairs.

His sisters room was on the way to his and as I passed it, I saw them together. They were making out and he was fingering her. So I gtfo of there and decided I’d never mention it.

They’re both still friends of mine, and weirdly close, despite having their own partners in life. It still makes me uncomfortable.

10. They should feel guilty.

My aunt kept hearing other baby voices on her baby monitor – not her baby.

There were no babies next door but it must have been picking up some other baby somewhere and as I am in I.T. I knew this. But as a joke I told her I saw a program on TV and that baby monitors can pick up deceased children.

I thought she knew I was joking but then I find out she got a priest in to bless the house. Then she put it on the market for cheap and moved out. I think she lost 50-100 grand.

She never mentioned it to anyone else in the family why she was moving and I just kept quiet and kept it to myself for all these years feeling guilty.

9. Is this a…thing?

When I was about 13 I caught my mother having sex with her brother. Haven’t told anyone in the last 9 years so as to not mess my family up.

Figured I’d make an edit to answer some FAQs:

Not from Alabama, unfortunately.

I caught them with their pants down and they know I caught them, but have never addressed it with me. Walked in on some other disturbing moments between them here and there but never caught them having sex again after the first time.

I’m 99.9% sure my uncle is not my dad, but my real father hasn’t been around since I was very young.

This was with my mother’s 100% biological brother. She is older.

The rest of the family has no idea because they act very inconspicuous around everyone else. I was completely surprised because they have a seemingly normal sibling relationship on the outside.

8. Seems like not enough revenge, tbh.

I was abused by my fathers live-in girlfriend, so I used to swish her toothbrush in the toilet.

7. I have a feeling they’re not alone.

I’ve been a mediocre employee for a few years and then COVID happened…. work from home all this time and my performance has improved / I’ve been promoted with $6 / hr raise AND my secret…..?

I watching Netflix and play runescape the entire time while treating my job as a side thing…..

6. Still keeping his secret.

My best friend from childhood came over to my college dorm to hang out one night. He bought coke and pills from other guys living on my hall for a party he was going to, and honestly I was impressed with him for being so well-versed in the buying of drugs and charismatic with my dorm mates. Before he left he told me not to tell his mother what he was doing but to tell her he loved her if he died and I thought something was wrong, but I let him go because we had plans for the next day and I figured he had just developed a dark sense of humor in the time since we’d last seen each other.

In retrospect he’d shown all of the signals, but I refused to see them, so I let him drive away. He didn’t make it; he crashed his car many hours later that night, with no seatbelt, probably high. His mother asked me what happened. I didn’t tell her anything because I wanted her to think it was an innocent accident. I didn’t want her to know what he got into. I’m still keeping his secret.

5. Maybe some people deserve it?

i had a former coworker who was a total c**t to me. she straight up bullied me at work. twice i walked into a room while she was actually shit talking me by name.

a few months after quitting that job, i looked up a revenge prank site, and had a box of cow shit mailed to her at my former workplace.

according to other people still working there, she threw an ugly crying tantrum the day she opened the package and was coddled by upper management. sweet, sweet vengeance.

i didn’t tell my live-in partner about what i had done, he would have been livid and scared for the feds to show.

two more fun-to-know edits:

i was so anxious about getting in trouble that i used a gift card (purchased at a store using cash) and a throwaway email account to purchase the prank.
i had a note attached that read ” thanks for being such a nice person 🙂 “

4. It’s just money.

My dad killed himself and called all his kids the night before. He made it look like an accident cause he thought it was the only way to take care of my mother set her up with his life insurance. Wrote a note saying mow the lawn then just ran lawnmowers in the garage with the doors closed till he died of gas poisoning.

Neighbor ran over and helped my mom when she got home from work thankfully as he was the local sheriff so when all the police arrived he took care of the talking and said the door was up. So it was duped and accident and my mom got the money my dad intended her to get.

After coming to peace with it I’d just like to urge anyone with that mindset. Don’t kill yourself money comes and goes.

3. No reason to bring it up now.

Through Ancestry DNA testing and processes of elimination, I discovered my paternal grandfather is not my biological grandfather. I haven’t told anyone in my family, including my dad who adored his father/grandfather.

I’m probably going to let this one go to the grave.

2. He doesn’t feel bad about it.

Years ago, I got a summer job at a grocery store. I was a teenager, from a poor family, just trying to get a job so that we could afford food. My mom couldn’t afford to feed us in the summer without the school lunches, but she made slightly too much to qualify for food stamps. If you’ve ever been poor, you know how it goes.

The manager was a complete a$$wipe who fired me two weeks in because, and I quote, “I just don’t like your personality”. We had never actually spoken until that point. I cried because my mom was counting on me to be able to pay for the groceries that week and I told him that. He told me I was being dramatic.

The store had these barcodes they would stick on things to mark them down if they were expired. I realized that I still had the rolls of printed-up stickers in my pocket when I got home because I had been marking things down that day. I copied the stickers off onto sticky paper and stole probably a few thousand dollars of groceries that summer. I technically did pay for the groceries because I was checking them out at the self-checkout and paying money for them, but I was getting salmon fillets and racks of ribs for $2, big veggie trays for $1, expensive cheese for $.99, etc.

I was careful not to be too greedy and not try to buy a cart full of expensive s*%t at a time. I would do several smaller transactions at self checkouts and spread it out over about a dozen stores (it was a big, shitty, national corporate chain). I paid always in cash.

I never got caught. I told my mom that I got an academic scholarship and that’s where I got the money for the groceries. I don’t feel bad about it and the statute of limitations is expired anyway.

1. This one just cracked me up.

Summer camp, I was 13/14 years old. Seven days no poop, in the middle of the eighth night I wake up because I’m exploding. I don’t reach the bathroom on time, so I pooped almost everywhere while running,

I reached the bathroom, washed and then went back to my tent to sleep. The next day everyone thought an animal like a bear or deer had entered the camp and s*%t everywhere.

No one ever found out that that bear was me.

I can see why they’re keeping mum on these for as long as possible.

What’s your deep, dark secret? If it rivals any of these, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!