14 People Muse On The Worst Thing Someone Could Whisper In Their Ear As They Try To Sleep

Picture it: you’re snuggled down in your bed, something on the television that won’t stop you from going to sleep. The air is cool, the bed is warm, and sleep is just moments away…and suddenly, there’s a voice in your ear.

What’s the worst thing possible that it could say?

These 14 people have some pretty great (and by great I mean worrisome and/or disturbing) ideas.

14. That’s what you think.

anything.. i live alone.

13. No one will be sleeping tonight!

Get some sleep, I’ve some bad news to give you in the morning.

12. Time to move.

I have woken up terrified twice since I moved into my apartment because it sounded like someone said something directly in my ear.

I’ve lived alone for over 10 years.

11. Totally evil.

You’ll need a good night’s rest because you probably won’t sleep for a few days once you hear what I have to tell you.

10. Thanks, anxiety.

How can you sleep right now when you so obviously have to pee?

9. Well that’s terrifying.


When I got my wisdom teeth taken out the dentist whispered this before I went under.

8. If you really think about it.

“You won’t feel a thing….”

Well that’s definitely better than “you will feel a thing”

7. Nooooo not yet!

Get up, time to work.

You’re late for work is probably the worst.

6. No more sleep for you.

What my partner said in in her sleep a few years back.

“Did you see her?”

5. An actual nightmare.

When I was 7 years old, pretending to sleep:

My mom’s friend: I’m surprised you don’t go to any of the school events to see her. Ivy 😀 is doing really well in school!

My mom: No. She’s still a failure to me.

My mom’s friend: but she gets really decent grades though.

My mom: She reminds me too much of my ex-husband, and looks too much like him. He was a failure to me, so she’s a failure to me as well.

4. Just for fun.

“I don’t like where you buried me.”

3. They were just being honest.

I legit had an ex say to me “you look so peaceful when you sleep, I could kill you so easily.”

Yes, like that one comic.

2. Turns out he liked it.

True story. I talk in my sleep. Sometimes I wake myself up. I’m having this dream that I am watching the sixth sense. In my dream someone asks me what the kid says in the movie.

In my dream I response but wake my self up whispering in my boyfriends ear “I see dead people”. I was mortified but he was laughing. I laugh now but in the moment super Erie.

I just knew he was gonna break up with me

1. I don’t know, maybe they could make you some money.

“I’m the world’s first talking spider.”

I would have to think awhile before I could come up with the absolute worst thing, I think…hmm.

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