16 Things You Definitely Do NOT Need In Your Life

I think we all know that feeling, the one where you walk into a thrift store or see an ad pop up on a social media timeline and your entire body and soul immediately go “I need that thing in my life immediately.”

Less often, we stumble across things that we definitely don’t need in our life at all. Even more than that, we also can’t understand why anyone would need such a thing ever.

If looking at stuff like that amuses (or confuses) you, we’ve got a list of 16 perfect examples right here.

16. At first I thought it was a kangaroo.

Which oddly made more sense.

Whatever this is
byu/Mfstaunc inATBGE

15. Lobster flip flops.

I think I just found everyone’s white elephant gift for next year.


14. These people live in Florida.

There’s just no way around it.

Palm Christmas Tree
byu/-invisible-llama- inATBGE

13. The paint on the car really isn’t that terrible.

It’s the wheels that are seriously putting me off.

Mustang GT – Blue Edition
byu/CaptainSem3nB3ard inATBGE

12. Found on the shelf in Texas.

Perfect for a night of boot-stomping at Billy Bob’s.

Joes, Sheans or Jeals?
byu/sugar-biscuits inATBGE

11. OK so I could see how someone might actually need this.

I’m eternally grateful that it’s not me.

Image Credit: The Chive

10. His wife yelled at him for “never using that wave runner he bought.”

I know exactly what happened here.

Florida Man
byu/_johnald_ inATBGE

9. This should be considered animal cruelty.

Though honestly, the dog doesn’t look that upset about it.

Lisa Frank dog
byu/freakiballer inATBGE

8. There is absolutely no need for this ever.

I refuse to believe it’s not some kind of April Fool’s joke.

Image Credit: The Chive

7. Are those…raccoons?

I can’t help but think this was inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy.

I wonder what their safe word is..
byu/catbuttz247 inATBGE

6. This is too far, farmhouse chic people.

You’re going to time out.

Mason Jar Goblet.
byu/Fluffy_Munchkin inATBGE

5. There’s something oddly appealing about this.

Until you get to the collar. I’d feel like I was sitting in someone’s lap.

This armchair with a “touch” of USSR
byu/FloX04 inATBGE

4. Look at the price tag on that bad boy.

I guess people with money to burn really will buy anything.

This rhino. The price is in HUF it costs about 436 USD

3. Is this at a frat house?

Because that’s the only way it would be acceptable.

Nihilistic hotdog/nightmare fuel outside a takeaway in Weston-super-Mare, UK
byu/tinatarantino inATBGE

2. This is one of those amazing awful things.

Like I really can’t decide how to feel.

That tattoo
byu/TangerinePuzzled inATBGE

1. I have no idea what’s going on here.

If you do, ten points to your Harry Potter house.

Image Credit: The Chive

Y’all, seriously. If you can convince me why anyone needs any of these things, I’m all ears.

Have you ever run across an item like this? Did you buy it out of pity? Take a picture and send it to your friends? Tell us about it in the comments!