20 Photos Of The Awesome Things People Found At Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, and Garage Sales

Image Credit: Facebook

If there’s one thing I’ve learned for 100% sure after browsing the internet, it’s that I don’t spend nearly enough time sifting through thrift stores. From weird, to amazing, back to creepy and onto totally fascinating, you can literally find anything lurking on the shelves.

A fact that these 20 people must have known when they went hunting – and unearthed these 20 treasures.

20. Who would put this out with the trash?

19. It looks like someone is happy with this find.

18. I want to be this person’s friend.

17. You could no doubt sell this for a pretty penny.

16. That’s $20 well spent.

15. Who says you need to have a grandmother to inherit china?

14. Why would you NOT take your lunch in that bag?

13. This is completely cool and completely not for kids. Uranium! Ha!

12. It turns out that sometimes you can even find yourself in a thrift shop.

11. I hate crickets but would use this.

10. This is the stuff of dreams.

9. How incredibly gorgeous and special.

8. What a fun moment for this family.

7. I’m guessing this was the day you stopped eating beef.

6. Clearly every dog needs one of these.

5. One thing is for sure – you’ll find kitsch for days.

4. This would be a great visual aid when explaining telephones and the origins of the phrase “hanging up” to your kids.

3. Turns out people kept a dictionary in their pocket even before cell phones.

2. Too many cool things to count.

1. Ready for the Derby. Or Mardi Gras. Or both.

I’ve definitely got to make more time for this kind of thing.

Have you ever found something truly cool in a thrift store? Tell us about it in the comments!