15 Images That You Might Have To Look At Twice

Have you ever run across a picture on the internet that made you scroll back up, squint your eyes, tilt your head, and try for a few minutes to figure out exactly what you were looking at?

And sometimes you figure it out, or there’s a helpful caption, but other times? You just have to move on with your life and realize you’re never going to have all of the answers you need.

Take a scroll through these 15 images and then let us know how you’d rate them!

15. RIP plate.

Who among us has not made this mistake.

This plastic plate I accidently melted in the oven
byu/SkyfireNexus inmildlyinteresting

14. That is one sad moth.

I want to bring it inside and give it some sugar water.

This bug that somewhat resembles a snowman
byu/Agitated_Finance_482 inmildlyinteresting

13. I love people who notice things like this.

They are special souls.

Found a tree root while hiking today that resembles a giant squid
byu/Therealfern1 inmildlyinteresting

12. I don’t like the looks of that.

It looks a little too much like some kind of stinging thing’s nest.

This fungus growing out of this pole looks like the marbling of wagyu steak.
byu/PickleGaGa inmildlyinteresting

11. It looks like a dead mouse.

A dead fetal mouse, maybe.

This is what a mango seed looks like
byu/crywolfbaby inmildlyinteresting

10. Time to call an exorcist.

Or maybe just clean the sticky stuff off your table.

My daughter dropped her crayon, and it landed like this.
byu/Bangeroctopus inmildlyinteresting

9. Like looking into another universe.

I wonder what the you who lives there is doing?

The light from my bathroom reflected in the window and made it look like my bathroom was outside
byu/relokcin inmildlyinteresting

8. I would never have guessed this, would you?

It almost looks like matches? Idk.

The way this egg dried in strips on the bottom of my bowl
byu/pablogorham inmildlyinteresting

7. Ok but I have had several dogwood trees.

And I have never seen this.

This apple that fell off a tree
byu/enzodr inDamnthatsinteresting

6. Exactly like a fish.

Like it’s some kind of sign or something.

This sunlight reflection looks like the Christian fish symbol
byu/dI–__–Ib inmildlyinteresting

5. This horse has seen things.

As all horses have, I think.

My wife’s horse injured her eye last year and the scar looks like a distant nebula in the far reaches of space
byu/BloodyRightNostril inmildlyinteresting

4. It’s actually kind of beautiful.

Which is weird, because its dead.

cactus skeleton
byu/borshctbeet inmildlyinteresting

3. Like a frog encased in a tree.

It also looks like a mushroom, to me.

This mushroom that looks like a frog.
byu/salted_none inmildlyinteresting

2. But what is it really?

If you know, please clear up the mystery down in the comments!

Can anyone tell me what type of creature this belongs to? Found in the Marshall Islands.
byu/PuffyYogurtHole inmarinebiology

1. No way I could eat that after seeing inside.

Teeth really squick me out.

Pamelo seeds look like ZOMBIE teeth
byu/kledaras inmildlyinteresting

Well, I know I still have a few questions but listen – these were also really cool and I’m glad I saw them!

Let us know in the comments which ones you liked the most, and which you still need to discuss, because we’re here for you!