17 Photos That Definitely Leave Us With Unanswered Questions

There are many things in this life that are self explanatory – or at least, nearly so. Lots of times you see an image online and you don’t need to read the caption (even if you do anyway) to know exactly what’s going on.

Other times you’re confused as heck, and even once you do read the captions or the explanation, you still have questions.

For me, these 17 photos for sure fall into that last category, so please, join me in being frustrated by the lack of additional information!

17. I love ice and frost patterns.

They literally never look real.

Icy leaf print left on my windshield this morning from mildlyinteresting

16. Why don’t they use it for all patients?

I think everyone could deal with a little less needle trauma, no?

Vein finder we use in the hospital to place IVs in our “hard stick” patients from mildlyinteresting

15. This makes me nervous.

Like…are they all about to die? Just me?

I enhanced the color to show what i saw in a helicopter from mildlyinteresting

14. Tell me no one else saw that in the way they placed the marble.

The truth is out there…

Getting alien vibes in this lobby. from Pareidolia

13. In case you ever wondered if they were really alive.

They have veins and everything.

I accidentally cut into an avocado seed. Here is the shell from mildlyinteresting

12. Are we sure about this?

It kind of just looks like the inside of a peach.

This is how a fresh nutmeg looks like from mildlyinteresting

11. This is actually really cool.

I wonder how long it will stay that way.

The rain clearly reveals the trails left by snails on my patio doors. from mildlyinteresting

10. That poor tree.

Yet another case for taking down your Christmas lights every year.

What happens when Christmas lights are wrapped around a young tree for 7 years from mildlyinteresting

9. I would have to clean that.

I don’t need the reminder of imminent death on a daily basis.

A bird hit my window really hard and left his imprint from mildlyinteresting

8. How is that a mushroom?

And you expect me to believe that entire thing grew overnight?

Came out of the ground after the rain, overnight. What is it? from mildlyinteresting

7. In case you were on the fence about washing your produce…

I know you don’t eat the outside of the banana but woof.

Image Credit: Imgur

6. How long were they standing there?

It looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

My shadow but made of frost from mildlyinteresting

5. Those are impressive bubbles.

My toddlers would be totally jealous.

This guy was blowing bubbles in a mall parking lot from mildlyinteresting

4. This might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

But also…I’m a little worried there was actually someone in there.

ITAP of a green mossy forest from itookapicture

3. Why is that kind of pretty?

I never would have known what that was without the caption.

This really old chapstick grew crystals from mildlyinteresting

2. No way I could eat that.

Teeth totally freak me out.

Pamelo seeds look like ZOMBIE teeth from mildlyinteresting

1. I have done this boiling too many eggs.

You would think I would learn to set a timer.

Art? Made by forgetting a pot of water was boiling in the stove. from mildlyinteresting

Seriously, if you have any insight into any of these I would love to hear what it is.

Our comments are open, even if all you want to do is just vent right along with me!