14 Images Of Iceland That Almost Don’t Seem Real

If you’re like me, there’s nowhere in the world you don’t want to see – or at least, that you wouldn’t like to see if money and war and crime wasn’t an issue.

Lately it seems as if Iceland has become a popular destination for travelers from the States, and when you see pictures of the place, it’s not hard to see why.

These 14 images of Iceland hardly seem real, so obviously I think we all need to go and check for ourselves.

14. Hello, claustrophobia.

It’s a no from me.

My sister rented a flat here in north of Iceland for Christmas, this is her view.
byu/maggipedia inpics

13. They’re not messing around with bozos.

I approve.

Iceland does not want to deal with your stupidity – and i think that’s beautiful
byu/Joe_Vanelli infunny

12. Not that burger looking exactly the same.

The fries, too. They could be recovered from the floorboards of my car!

This is the last Mcdonalds burger sold in Iceland
byu/Gavin_beast13 ininterestingasfuck

11. You’ve gotta water your roof.

Apparently, anyway.

Icelandic girl watering the rooftop of a restaurant in downtown Reykjavik
byu/catsandturtlesmix inmildlyinteresting

10. I can hear (and smell) this picture.

It is blissfully quiet.

9. They take their recycling seriously.

What a great piece resulted!

This gate made from an old bike in Reykjavik
byu/Blake001 inmildlyinteresting

8. A bit unsettling.

And also beautiful, like much of nature.

Went to see a volcano that is only a couple of kilometres away from my home. This volcano has been erupting for the past months in Iceland.
byu/Johanngunnar inmildlyinteresting

7. Inclusion ftw.

Normalize women in all positions!

Work signs in Reykjavik, Iceland feature a female worker.
byu/ithinkik_ern inmildlyinteresting

6. They love the ocean.

It loves them back, too, I think.

Krónur coins, the Icelandic currency, have national marine species as heads.
byu/maryanasims inmildlyinteresting

5. This is how I want to be buried now.

Trees are the actual best things.

In Hólavallagarður cemetery, Iceland, it’s said trees are planted on graves as a old Norse tradition. You can touch the trees as a way to connect with the deceased.
byu/Yako_hello_nurse inWitchesVsPatriarchy

4. That road is for the sheep.

You’d better ask permission if you want to use it.

Fun fact: the sheep population of Iceland is more than double the human population
byu/Z3F inpics

3. I wonder what they’ll do if it gets wider.

Only tall people will be able to straddle the divide.

There are places in Iceland where you can be standing on the North American and European tectonic plates at the same time. This rift was from an earthquake
byu/scalebirds ininterestingasfuck

2. An actual Hobbit.

I want to go and knock and hear a story.

Laugarvatnshellar Caves. House Built Into A Hill In Iceland.
byu/rutbah inmildlyinteresting

1. You’ve gotta be safe.

No matter how cold you are when you’re naked.

Icelandic condoms [2394×3200]
byu/Noticemenot inProductPorn

I’m off to book a plane ticket and accommodations, anyone else?

If you’ve been to Iceland, share your favorite stop on the trip with us in the comments!