What Would You Do If You Woke Up To Find Your Bank Account Negative $50 Billon?

Most of us log into our online banking at least once a day, just to check on things, to pay bills, to make sure a deposit arrived, what have you.

Now imagine it’s first thing in the morning, you’ve got your cup of coffee but your eyes are still a little bleary, and you see that your account is negative…$50 billion.

That would surely wake you up!

That’s what happened to 22-year-old college student Maddie McGivern after a night out.

Image Credit: TikTok

Her plan had been to make sure she had enough money to order some food, but instead, she was handed a heart attack instead.

Her friends were making a video at the time and managed to capture her reaction on camera – the resulting TikTok has now gone viral with around 10 million views.

In it, she tells her friends “I swear to god it says negative forty-nine billion. What do I do?”

Image Credit: TikTok

She contacted Chase Bank, who informed her that even though they hadn’t seen that before but obviously it was an error they would rectify as soon as possible.

A couple of days later the bank got around to telling her it had been a glitch that was now resolved. It apparently happened to a few other customers, too, but everyone’s accounts were usable, did not incur any fees, and were back to normal within a couple of days.


We went out to the bar and Maddie checked her phone when we got home and she’s -$50 billion dollars in debt #fyppageforyou #fypシ

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No harm, not foul yet but I hope no one had an actual heart attack when they opened those emails.

I think I might have!

Have you ever had some truly startling error happen regarding your bank? If you feel like sharing the story with us in the comments, we’re all ears!