How Coffee Filters Could Help Keep Your Houseplants Alive

Image Credit: Pexels

Some people in this world have naturally green thumbs. The rest of us range somewhere between “can grow things if we really focus” and “kills everything, even the houseplants that are supposedly impossible to kill.”

If you’re somewhere in that latter group but would like to change your murderous relationship with the plants in your care, we’ve got a simple tip for you below – and all you need are some regular ol’ coffee filters.

Image Credit: Pexels

Most problems we have with keeping plants happy in the house come down to one of two problems: under-watering, or over-watering.

It can be hard to tell whether root rot or dehydration is killing your plants, but if you line your pots with coffee filters, you can change all of that today.

Regular flower pots have holes in the bottom that allow excess water to drain, but they’re not always effective as they can end up blocked or let out too much soil in the process.

Lining your planter with coffee filters encourages even water distribution, because when moisture reaches the bottom of the pot, it’s absorbed by the liner instead of draining out.

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That simple filter means you don’t have to worry about washing away or over-saturating the soil if you tend to over-water, which will help you avoid root rot (and another unfortunate death).

They also retain water for some time, so if you forget to water, your plant might be able to leech water from it as kind of a reserve in the opposite situation as well.

Coffee filters aren’t a cure-all for every plant problem your not-so-green thumb might be creating, but it can definitely alleviate the worries most of us have on a regular basis.

Image Credit: Pexels

A simple tip that can save houseplant lives, and for hardly any cost.

I call that a win, don’t you?