14 Totally Random But Ultimately Cool Charts

There are two kinds of people in this world, y’all – people who can take or leave a random but interesting chart and people who live and die to see every kind of chart they can get their hands on.

If you’re the latter type, I’m guessing that’s why you’re here – and we don’t think these 14 pretty awesome charts are going to disappoint (even if you didn’t ask for any of it).

14. Who doesn’t love the perfect nap?

I really need to up my game.

‘Nappuccino’ or how to take the perfect nap from coolguides

13. How common is your birthday?

Wonder no longer, my friend!

Which birthdays are the most common from coolguides

12. OK this one makes me crazy.

Also the last part is funny, so there’s that.

Macaroon or macaron? from coolguides

11. So helpful for so many.

But they’ll call you pretentious if you wear it.

Their, there, they’re from coolguides

10. This is actually really interesting.

I know you think so, too.

Different forms of Color blindness from coolguides

9. What do your bumper stickers say about you?

Maybe a lot more than you want them to.

Don’t overshare information from coolguides

8. That explains why they’re so freaked out at the beginning.

I honestly had no idea.

cool idea of how fresh new babies see the world from coolguides

7. Hacks for Googling.

This might actually come in handy one day!

Google like a pro from coolguides

6. The evolution of the alphabet.

It’s a lot more complicated than one might think…if you’ve ever thought about it.

Just the evolution of the alphabet from coolguides

5. If you really want a tattoo but you have low pain tolerance…

This is the chart for you.

Tattoo Pain Chart from coolguides

4. All the different kinds of plaid.

I had no idea they all fell under that umbrella!

Plaid patterns from coolguides

3. Know your hashtags.

You’ve got to in this day and age.

Hashtag or Sharp or Tic-Tac-Toe from coolguides

2. How to release those happy chemicals.

We can all go for more of that juice, right?

Activities that make your brain release happy chemicals from coolguides

1. This is a restaurant tired of re-cooking steaks.

It’s hard to blame them (says the ex-waitress).

A Restaurant Guide For How You Want Your Steak Cooked from coolguides

Sometimes you don’t tell the internet what you want, the internet tells you what you need. Right?

What are some of your favorite cool charts? Leave us some links in the comments!