20 Charts That Could Change The Way You Think About Food

If there’s one thing I think is true for most people, it’s that our relationship with food can be complicated. Whether we’re too worried about what we eat and how we look or we’re not worried enough, and don’t even get me started on the messed-up diet industry in America.

If you’re looking to create a healthier outlook when it comes to diet and food, these 20 charts could give you a slightly different perspective on what you think you know.

20. Know your pizza.

Don’t give it up totally if you love it.

19. No doubt it costs some serious cash to eat healthy.

And that’s always going to be a problem.

18. “Bad” food can still be better if you’re counting calories.

And “good” food can be super calorie dense.

17. No food makes you fat or thin.

Calories do that, and they’re just fuel.

16. It’s the frying that’s quesitonable.

Not the potato.

15. A little cheese goes a long way.

Just trust me on this.

14. Your happiness counts for a lot.

Certainly a few hundred calories a day.

13. Don’t buy into the protein hype.

You don’t have to pay extra for it, at any rate.

12. Are you snacking smart?

Because I know you’re snacking.

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11. No, it doesn’t taste as good.

But you get used to it.

10. I mean, not all calories are created equal.

But this graphic is also true. Enjoy yourself once in a while!

9. We don’t realize every last thing we put in our mouths.

And it all counts.

8. This is hard to believe.

The deck is stacked against those in the States.

7. You really can eat as much as you want.

Of the right things.

6. It’s about sustatinability.

Don’t get on board that roller coaster.

5. Check your portion sizes.

You don’t have to give up the yum, just eat less of it.

4. There’s no good and bad.

Everything in moderation.

3. Yes, you can still have ice cream.

Just read your labels, friends.

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2. Not all fruit is the same.

Added sugar is your enemy.

1. Stop wasting calories on drinks.

It’s basically either/or, not both.

I really hope I can remember some of these from time-to-time.

Which of these opened your eyes? Let us know in the comments!