17 People Who Love Reddit Weigh In On The Biggest Jerk Stories Ever

Most of us who are on social media see AITA posts when they show up cross-posted on sites like Twitter. We read them, we rage comment, we text them to our friends, and we move on.

Some people spend hours not only reading posts on the actual subreddit, but commenting on a regular basis, too – and those people are the ones weighing in on what they think are 17 of the biggest a$$holes ever.

17. Who does this!??

Girlfriend of a widowed father of two. She moved in to his place, and she was still struggling with letting go of his late wife. So the gf in her eternal wisdom decided to throw away all family pictures of his late wife one day when the dad was away because she felt it was time for him to “get over it.”

He did not get those pictures back, they were legit gone forever.

When she posted this on AITA but didn’t get the validation she wanted she just doubled-down instead.

16. I hope that woman is ok.

Oh man I often think about the guy asking if he’s TA for asking his pregnant wife to wear a diaper at night because she was disturbing his sleep whenever she got up to pee.

15. Incredibly gross.

The woman who reported the 17 year old camp counselor because she wiped sand off her child’s back.

She also helped her other son out of the deep end of the pool and caught one of the boys when he was falling off the playground.

In all of these instances she had to “touch” the boys and helicopter mom felt she had other motives with this physical contact.

Also to note, the boys ASKED the counselor for the help each time.

14. A sibling from h*ll.

I remember a girl in her late teens who thought her older sibling was faking their child’s food allergy so she tried to catch her by not telling them about the ingredients before serving them a dish.

Someone else had it first and recognized the ingredient and stopped the kid from eating it in time and called her out. She then tried to play it off saying her sibling was a drama queen and she was trying to trap her.

Reddit tore into her, of course, since the child could’ve… well, died.

13. Can you say controlling?

Two I haven’t seen mentioned yet are limiting the amount of water their son can drink and Firing My Daughter’s (F16) Best Friend (F19) For Being Too Polite.

12. That’ll make you rage.

The girl who found a lost dog after someones house was destroyed then refused to give it back because they had “bonded.”

11. Definitely some jealousy going on there.

The kid that ruined his little brothers signed John Cena poster. The little brother had gotten it signed when he met John Cena during a Make-A-Wish event that was held for him.

IIRC it was personalized and signed by the whole crew of wrestlers that were at that particular event, including a few other big names, so it was basically impossible to replace.

10. I hope she kicked him to the curb.

The one Indian girl whose boyfriend mixed all her spices together because why not! Even tho she said explicitly don’t do it, he did it anyways.

Imported from India via her mother. Felt so bad man.

9. Completely vile.

The OP deleted it so I can’t link. OP was the wife of a man whose first wife died. OP was jealous of wife #1 and destroyed all the photos and knick knacks from the first wife, including deleting all the digital photos. She burned everything physical. Her husband packed up his teenage daughter and left her.

It was 3 or so years ago and I still feel rage thinking about that vile OP. I hope her husband divorced her. It’s the least she deserved.

8. I want to punch him.

The guy who moved into his younger girlfriend’s apartment, and threw away her fancy drinking jars that she loved from their shelf because they bothered him and he wanted her to just drink from normal cups.

I think about this entitled jerk a lot.

7. Props to OP for supporting her DIL, though.

OP wasn’t the a$$hole in this one, but her son was. Basically she found out that her son was using her daughter-in-law as a stay at home maid. They had two kids, I wanna say, and DIL did EVERYTHING – cooking, cleaning, childcare, EVERYTHING.

OP gave DIL some money for a girls’ weekend and her son forced her to cancel it because he wanted to go out with his friends that weekend, leaving her to watch the children.

DIL called OP in tears and OP loses it – tells her to drop the kids at her house and go take her weekend. OP takes the kids to her sister’s (with DIL’s permission) and goes to the bar where her son is and tears him a new one to the point she gets kicked out of the bar.

First thing she does after that is call her other two DILs up to make sure her other son’s aren’t pieces of s*%t.

6. Are men ok?

There are a lot of “I threw away my SO’s belongings because I don’t like them and now they’re mad and I don’t understand” posts.

Jars, socks, one guy threw away all of his wife’s “frumpy” clothes and replaced it all with sexy clothes and was shocked that she left him.

5. That’s the question.

There was the one where the guy asked the woman in the neighboring apartment if she’d cook for him. He didn’t even know the woman’s name!

This is my favorite just for the top comment asking:

INFO: What the f**k?

4. At one point, it has to stop.

The guy who treated his friend’s wife like a meals on wheels and the husband didn’t care.

It’s not that bad but I always remember it. So this woman (OP) is a nurse who often worked 12 hour days but still always cooked amazing meals for her husband. One day, her husbands best friend’s wife dies. When she dies, OP’s husband suggests that OP could cook some nice meals for the new widower as he is in grief and doesn’t know how to cook. Fine…

But then, this keeps going on week after week. OP gets home from work and is forced to cook all this food and bring it over to the new widower. But this guy has REQUESTS and would criticize the food to be more like how his dead wife made it. Then one day he has people over for dinner (not OP and her husband) and requests that she make him enough dinner for his dinner party… He requests this while she’s at work and she didn’t see the text. When she comes home, her husband is mad at her. She finally stands up for herself and says she won’t be cooking for the friend anymore and her husband has the audacity to think she is being selfish.

Sure, maybe 1 or 2 weeks of helping out and bringing the guy a few meals. But this guy expected nightly meals for weeks. Like, at some point you can’t learn to cook on your own? I also feel bad for both wife’s, that their husbands won’t even attempt to help cook anything…

3. It’s really not fair.

Any of the posts where OP is being forced to take care of a disabled sibling by their parents without their consent – or similarly, any of the posts where OP needs to look after their siblings from an early age.

All those parents should be ashamed

2. I wish this wasn’t a thing that was easy to believe.

That guy who interrupted his wife’s Very Important meeting because the baby had a poopy diaper.

1. That’s a good mama right there.

The husband who missed his child’s birth for a sports game, then lied to his parents with a big dramatic sob story about how he’d actually been there and it was so hard and stressful.

Then he got mad when his wife called him out on lying. You know you’re an a$$hole when your own mother tears you a new one for what you did.

And here I thought I couldn’t find any AITA that could make me any angrier.

Lesson learned.

If you’re a big AITA person, who do you think the biggest a$$hole is? If they’re not on this list, tell us about them in the comments!