17 Pieces Of Advice Everyone Followed 20 Years Ago, But Wouldn’t Now

The world has changed a lot, and fast. That means that advice on different things that has been good for decades? Not so much anymore.

Just 20 years ago everyone was following these 17 tips, but now, people would look at you absolutely sideways if you suggested it.

17. Such terrible advice.

Get an ARM loan on your house! Values go up like 10-20% each year and by the time the load adjusts, flip that house for a sweet profit!

16. Now the advice is to never go in person.

In high school as part of one of my classes they brought in a lady who worked HR for some recruiting firm for a few days to teach us how to do resumes and cover letters and such.

She told us even if a place has an option to apply online always go in person and pick up an application no one takes online applications seriously.

15. And try not to worry.

Buy that house!! Sure it seems weird that you qualified for such a high home loan but I’m sure they wouldn’t offer it to you if you couldn’t afford it.

14. It’s always a crapshoot.

Buy Yahoo stock.

13. We all wish this still applied.

Be loyal to your employer, because they will be loyal to you.

12. Take all the leave.

My dad told me once, “Son you shouldn’t schedule a single vacation day the first year of your job. It shows you’re committed.”

11. Definitely not.

“Walk in, ask for the manager and give a firm handshake. That’s how you get the job!”

These days, you can walk in, ask for the manager and he’ll direct you to apply online. Then you won’t get any response, or you’ll get one 6 months later when HR turns over and the new guy gets around to denying everyone who applied.

10. Back when we could actually read maps.

Don’t forget to print out your directions from MapQuest before you leave.

9. When you have no choice…

I remember when my dad told me as a teenager to never be the one to pursue a guy (because I’m a woman).

Maybe that was to keep me safe in my youth, but I’ve since come to realize that most of the dudes who are worth being with are either shy or oblivious, and I have no choice but to make the first move.

8. Now it’s right in your pocket.

You need to memorize this cause you won’t have the info accessible later.

With how easy it is to find the right answer these days, I propose that it’s much more important to be able to identify the wrong answer

7. I’m still stuck there, too.

I was ready to answer this until I realized 20 years ago was 2002 and not 1992

6. No one-size-fits-all.

generic dating advice

People always wonder how some people get to be soo creepy but they forgot that theyve been brought up by a generation who thought the best way to get a woman was agressive flirting techniques, actual stalking and being overly possessive.

5. Now that’s where all of our friends live.

Never meet someone “from the Internet”

4. And get you into debt.

Getting a diploma will secure your life.

3. Little did they know.

“Spending whole day on the internet would never make you successfull in life”

2. So weird.

To look after your phone battery you should let it go all the way down to 0% and then charge fully to 100%.

My 23yr old nephew thought this was the way to go even now (because his mum had told him). Was visibly surprised when I told him modern batteries were better served by not letting them drop below 15%.

1. Say it again for the people in the back.

“Everyone needs a college degree.” Trade school is absolutely the way to go for some people, myself included. And I did both.

It’s crazy to think about how we’ve changed so quickly.

There are a bunch more things that could go on this list, too!