AskReddit posed this question to their audience: Have you ever survived an attempted murder? And what was the story?

Read these 17 harrowing true stories of everyday people escaping death by their skin of their teeth. Scary stuff!

Photo Credit: The Daily News

Photo Credit: The Daily News

1. Impatient, Much?

“I was at my friend’s wedding and when it was over, my friends and I decided to go have a couple drinks at the bar in the hotel. A couple that was in their late 30s, who were family friends of the bride and groom, asked to tag along. Well I’m standing outside of the hotel with my wife, my best friend’s wife, that couple, and the woman’s 26 year old brother and we’re waiting for my best friend to come out of the bathroom. The guy starts saying he wants to leave now but I say we’re waiting for my friend to which he starts mouthing off saying my brother (who recently died) would be disappointed in me and such.

I knew he was drunk so I took no offense to it which made him more mad. Mad enough to start pushing me, so I push him off of me and he stumbles into his wife and knocks her down. Then the 26 year old hits me in the face with a glass mug from the wedding and knocks me out and the three then proceed to stomp me out and jump me. The man then picks up a huge planter pot and smashes it on my head. Luckily he was so drunk that he stumbled when he picked it up and the pot missed my head by about 2 inches and I walked away with only a big gash on my forehead from the mug. Both guys are on trial for attempted murder now.”

2. Nature vs. Nurture

“Had a cousin of mine, who my aunt and uncle adopted from drug addicts, chase me around his house with a kitchen knife trying to slit my throat. His dad tackled and subdued him. I was around 12 or 13 at the time and I guess he was 16 or so. I just remember hyperventilating and the absolute panic I felt while my aunt drove me home.

He later that year beat and strangled to death an 8-year-old in a construction site. He ended up confessing sometime later after the guilt got to him. He got out of prison this year and sent me a Facebook friend request…gonna pass on that, thanks.”

3. Terrified To Ever Sleep Again

“When I was eight, my father shot me in my sleep, shot and killed my brother in his sleep, and committed suicide. I lost all of my sight, my left eye, and my sense of smell. I survived the shot because the bullet entered from my right temple and exited out my left, instead of enter from the back of my head or my forehead. The bullet lodged into my left hand because my head was resting on my hand when I was sleeping.”

4. Innocent Baby

“I was 8 months old. Dude killed my biological mother after raping her while she was 7-8 months pregnant. On his way out he smashed me in the head. Dunno why he did try to go after my brother or sister, they must have been hiding. Dude ended up in federal, transferred down to Texas where he hung himself in his cell after 10 years in.”

5. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

“I lived in this duplex years ago with one of my coworkers. Our place of employment hired this new guy who clearly had some issues, but seemed like he was really trying. The new guy, Shawn, had been in and out of rehab and halfway houses for drug charges, but he was living in his brother’s garage and picking up as many shifts at work as he could to try and earn enough money to get his own place.

Winter came around, and Shawn was living in this unheated, uninsulated garage. My coworker/roommate talked about it and decided to invite him to stay on our couch under the condition that he stay clean and he keep saving for a new place. Shawn gratefully accepted, moved in, and things went well for several months.

But then Shawn started slipping, missing shifts at work, disappearing for days on end, all while becoming much more aggressive. Our suspicions were confirmed when one day my roommate walked in on Shawn smoking meth on the living room floor. We promptly told Shawn to gather his things and move out.

A few weeks later, at about 1 am I awake to someone pounding on the front door. I groggily get up and go answer it, and there is Shawn, high as a kite and screaming. I quickly latched the outside wooden screen door, and tried to talk Shawn into leaving before I called the cops. After a few minutes without making any headway, I tell Shawn I am going to call the police, and start shutting the inside door. Shawn bursts through the wooden screen door like it isn’t even there, which knocks me backwards over the arm of the couch. I land on the seating portion of the couch on my back, and Shawn is on top of me, with both hands around my throat.

I swung and hit him in the head and face as hard as I could, but he was a big guy and was so high that it didn’t faze him. If anything, it tightened his grip around my throat. I quickly realized that I couldn’t get him off me, so I kind of quit struggling and resigned myself to my fate. My vision started to get blurry around the edges and sounds started getting muffled. At first I felt sad that I wouldn’t get to see my family again, but then I just started to feel at peace as I began slipping away. Finally I closed my eyes for what I thought would be the last time in my life.

Suddenly I was able to draw a huge breath, and the weight of Shawn’s body was no longer pinning me down. I rolled off the couch gasping for air, and when I gained enough breath, I looked up to see my roommate, I shit you not, beating Shawn around the head and face with a frying pan. She had heard the commotion and ran into the living room to see Shawn choking me the death, so she grabbed a frying pan off the drying rack in the kitchen and started to hit him as hard as she could.

We were eventually able to push Shawn outside, where he sat on a bench on my porch crying until the police arrived.”

6. Bad Ass Big Sis

“When I was a kid, my neighbors were this sweet old couple, and occasionally their grandkids – five boys – would come to visit. The oldest, Liam, was my age and had severe behavioral problems. All his younger brothers were terrified of him, and I hated his guts, but I still had to hang out with him. One time, we were playing in an inflatable pool in my backyard, Liam, my sister and I being the oldest ones there – no adults were around. Well, Liam wouldn’t stop picking on his poor brothers, so I pantsed him. Everyone laughed. He did not take it well.

When I turned around, he ran up behind me and shoved my head underwater and held me under for about two minutes while I struggled. I could see his brothers’ legs around me but none of them moved, that’s how petrified they were of him. I thought it was over. I was starting to black out when I began to hear a SWOOOSH SWOOSH SWOOSH noise and then suddenly I was free, flat on my back and coughing up water. My sister had waded over as fast as she could and punched him in the face so hard she broke his nose :)”