17 Things Kids Regularly Did in the 90s That Are Now Outdated

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I’m not going to say things were better back then (because I don’t want to sound as old as I am), but these 17 things prove that things were at the very leave different in the 90s than they are today.

#17. Taking 1 – maybe 2 – pictures because you didn’t want to waste them. Then not having any idea how they’d turned out for a good week.

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#16. And having to carry extra film, just in case.

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#15. Ordering double (or triple) prints if you wanted to share the photos with friends.

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#14. Leaving a message on your friends family answering machine and hoping some ornery sibling (or parent) didn’t erase it.

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#13. Entering contests through the snail mail.

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#12. Spending hours planning your (possibly fictional) summer vacation after your parents got one of these in the mail.

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#11. Having to call the cable company (like, on the phone) to order a movie.

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#10. Having to find a payphone if you were out and needed a ride home.

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#9. Calling the video store to see if they still had copies of the movie or game you wanted to rent.

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#8. If your parents didn’t get the newspaper, calling to find out when movies were playing.

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#7. Being able to actually pick up and drop off your friends and family at the airport gate.

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#6. Having to keep a list of phone numbers (until you memorized them all).

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#5. Having to figure out how to use microfiche to research old articles or news. (Look it up, young people).

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#4. Going through catalogues to pick out potential gifts.

#3. Only being able to see trailers at the movie theater.

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#2. Ever wonder why old people have a tradition of calling relatives on Sundays? It used to be cheaper!

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#1. …and finally, riffling through an actual card catalogue.

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Time machine, anyone?