17 Times Chris Evans Was Totally on Brand

Image Credit: Twitter

Sure, no one can be more Chris Evans than Cap himself, but in the examples below, even Chris Evans was a little too Chris Evans-y to be true. If that’s a thing. Which is probably isn’t.

Except it was true! See?!

17. When he showed off his humility.

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16. Only the real Chris Evans could get away with this…

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15. I mean this is hilarious.

Image Credit: Yahoo!

14. His Twitter countdown to the day he gets to see his dog again.


13. Hey, this is supposed to be a family show!

Image Credit: YouTube

12. When he made this subtle dig at his own acting.

Image Credit: Marvel

11. That time he showed off a “secret” handshake.


10. Never a bad thing to be.

Image Credit: BackstageOL

9. When he was the first one to see that Black Panther had won.


8. Even his brother-ing is on brand.

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7. When he invented frozen blackjack, in which frozen water goes down one’s pants.

6. He definitely heard right.

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5. No arguments here.

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4. This might be my favorite picture ever.

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3. This old headshot image is proof he’s not putting it on.


2. When he admitted his mom was the first person he told when he lost his virginity.

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Awwww, sweetie.

1. When he started quoting his young nephew in interviews.

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Cap forever! And if you disagree, well – you are just wrong. JUST PLAIN WRONG, ya hear?

At least until he gets old and stuff.