17 Tweets About People Who Are Jerks At The Gym

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you go to the gym and find that there seem to be a fair amount of a**holes running around bragging about their pecs and such, you won’t be surprised (but you will be amused) by these 17 tweets.

If you don’t find them to be so, well, you might want to take a good, hard look in the mirror.

#17. Or ever.

#16. There is no good answer.

#15. That’s one reason.

#14. That’s what we all want.

#13. Um, because it’s delicious duh.

#12. Deeply true.

#11. Inside grunts, please.

#10. What a waste of a good lunch hour.

#9. If you slam it, they will come.

#8. New rule.

#7. If only we could all be so excited.

#6. Use your eyeballs as much as your biceps, friend.

#5. Hard pass.

#4. Brb dying.

#3. It definitely burns calories.

#2. Talk about leveling up.

#1. Personal space. Learn it. Love it.

Gym rats, indeed.