17 People Shared Tweets We Think Will Stand the Test of Time

Twitter is a great place to go for a well-crafted joke, but the platform moves so fast that it’s easy to chuckle, forget, and move onto the next.

We think these 17 tweets will keep being funny no matter how time we revisit them, though, and so we figured we’d share them with you so we can laugh together!

17. You just handed over that material.

You lost before you even started.

16. Not all stories are useful.

You’re doing it wrong and you should feel bad.

15. They might want to think about clarifying that Kevin is a dog.

I’m so confused.

14. Are there any lenses in those frames?

Authoritarianism is tasty AF!

13. You won’t regret watching this all the way through.

Do it! Don’t think about it!


12. Therapy does wonders.

But those Facebook memories… that’s the true enemy.

11. Should we just flush our gifts, or?

And a congrats to the trash too!


10. There’s nothing about this that isn’t amazing.

I love Harry Potter.

9. Auto response fail.

Or Auto response win? You decide…

8. Seriously, take your time.

Nothing important is going on.


7. Why is this so adorable?

She takes off her dress now… letting her go…

6. We’re going to lose.

And badly, at that!

5. It’s a tradition of humans everywhere.

Why must we post everything now? Can’t we just have a life without documenting it?

4. “We’re both stupid” omg.

But you’re MORE stupid, mmmkay?

3. He’s just happy you’re not going to drive off without paying.

“I said, I want il chickin mcnuggets, por favor?”

2. Not like THAT.

Wrong mystery!

1. Welp, guess it’s time to retire.

You won at dogging. Good job boy!

I don’t know about you, but I needed these today!

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