18 Tumblr Stories to Add a Little Excitement to Your Day


We all know that Tumblr is an absolute treasure trove when it comes to wild and crazy story. And we all know that you’ve got very little to do right now, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this virtual conversation.

So how about this… we’ll bring you some tasty Tumblr tales and you just sit back, relax and read ALL of them

Good deal?

Good deal.

#1. The Hit Man

Credit: drkparadse

#2. The Pocket Piggy

#3. Mickey and the Blackout (not a band name)

Credit: missmella

#4. Death Was Right on Schedule. Siriously.

Credit: capitalvice

#5. The Lifetime Supply of Snow Globes

Credit: heart

#6. He Went to Jared

Credit: TIFU

#7. When Twitter Starts to Bug You

Credit: menderash

#8. The Dog Who Wouldn’t Die

#9. A Super-Shitty Prank

Credit: thebatteur

#10. Right Foot: Gray

Credit: iguanamouth

#11. Birds + Bees = WTAF

Credit: waakeme-up


Credit: ikimaru

#13. Note: This Story Is Only Funny If You Know Basic Math

Credit: waakeme-up

#14. The Gorillaz Effect

Credit: nanalew

#15. Life Is All Ketchup and Rainbows

#16. Awareness Is Key

Credit: TIFU

#17. The Frog Whisperer

#18. The Best Story Ever 2

Credit: ofgeography

What a story about The First Wives Club, eh? I bet you never thought you’d read that sentence… because who has REALLY thought about The First Wives Club movie since 1996? I’m sure maybe a few dozen have thought about it. Goldie Hawn surely has. But not many.

So yes, consider this a gift, from Tumblr to us to you.

Any other story tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments!