18 Horror Movie Jokes That Are Legit Funny

When you think about horror movies, maybe jokes and laughs aren’t the first things that come to mind. That said, everyone who loves horror knows that the good ones always have some moments of memorable levity – it lets you exhale, and it also puts you at ease right before it stabs you in the face!

These 18 horror movie jokes are legitimately, laugh-out-loud funny, and no, it doesn’t matter that they’re encased in jump-scares and gore.

18. I want all the Jordan Peele memes.

Forever and ever amen.


17. I mean. It works.

Anyone who says The Grinch isn’t horror is wrong.


16. Spongebob and Patrick would definitely make it to the end of Final Destination.

On accident, of course, but they definitely would.


15. It’s funny and timely.

What more could you want?


14. If this doesn’t make you giggle…

Are you even a horror fan?


13. If anyone can save Jason it’s these guys.

Stay tuned.


12. When you realize you gotta know.

Best to be prepared, right?


11. No one can survive a talking to by Spongebob and Patrick.

They suck away every last brain cell you have.


10. Oh my goodness, y’all.

brb dying.


9. Trust me, they see it.

They’re secretly high-fiving the loser.


8. So much better than it gets credit for.

Don’t you just love smart movies?


7. Those are the rules.

We don’t make them, we follow them.


6. The worst part is that it tries to take itself seriously.

Just watch the originals. You know, like you do with Star Wars.


5. Who knew Spongebob was so terrifying?

Except everyone, I guess.


4. Why is this so accurate, though?

Because on social media you can be whoever you want.


3. Imagine it accompanied by a laugh/sob.

I know you’re singing along.


2. Why are they like this?

I guess they wouldn’t be in a horror movie otherwise.


1. White people don’t deserve to survive horror movies.

You can’t change my mind.


I’m all in for watching these this season, how about you?

What’s your favorite lighthearted moment in a horror film? If it’s not here, share it with us in the comments!