18 Items That Cost Less Than $50, But That People Say Improved Their Lives

When you’re thinking about spending money on something, many people hem and haw regardless of the price tag. The more we spend, the more we expect our purchase to work out the way we imagined – to make our lives easier or more fun or more colorful or just more streamlined, maybe.

If you’re looking for those magical items – the ones that don’t cost much but are 100% worth the money – these 18 people have some solid leads.

18. Hey, old people things work.

My 9$ pill organizer.

Friends have laughed at me because it seems like an old people thing, but I‘ve finally managed to stick to my meds (yes, ironically my ADHD is so bad I couldn‘t even get that done). To me this was a real life changer!

Bonus points: I‘m the only one who knows which day it is during the pandemic.

17. It’s always the little things.

It’s a small thing: a closet rod installed above my washer/dryer, and extra hangers.

Now clothes get taken out of the dryer and put on a hanger right away rather than end up as a pile on the floor, or in a basket never to be properly put away.

16. Comfortable beds are always worth it.

Fluffy duvet covers

My bed was always cold but now it’s not £12 for single £15 for double.

15. Just like a hotel.

Curved shower rod.

14. Electric kettles come in SO handy.

A rice cooker and electric kettle.

I used to sometimes eat rice and drink tea.

I now eat rice and drink tea all the time!

13. A game changer.

A cheap microwave and coffee maker for my work van.

I have an inverter for my tools that I use to run them.

Hot coffee and hot lunches make a huge difference, especially on bad days.

12. This sounds sensible.

Solar power battery pack. Power went out during the hurricane and I was still up and running for 5 days.

11. A simple solution.

My apartment has like no counter space, in reality only a total of 5 feet spread through three areas next to the sink and stove.

I spent like $15 on a 4 foot table. That now holds all my kitchen stuff like toaster, distiller, crock pot, and instant pot. It has just enough room for all that.

Since it is a common question, the distiller is for purifying water. It boils water then collects the steam and condenses it back to water in a pot on the side. It is the exact same process as how to make stronger alcohol, but this is a higher temperature so it leaves behind solids that I clean out once a week. I like pure water and I get all my minerals from my foods. I enjoy cooking so I choose menu items that get all my minerals.

10. Buy them for cons, keep them for life.

Battery pack to charge your phone.

We’ve all been in situations where having your phone on is super important, and not having to be tied to an outlet is even better.

9. You can’t go wrong.

11 pound capacity digital kitchen scale. For baking, cooking and correctly identifying portion sizes.

It has changed the way I bake. No more trying to make the measuring cup level, or worrying about the compactness of my flour. I even buy the large block of butter instead of the more expensive 1/2 cup sticks because I can just weigh it out. Just put the mixing bowl on the scale and tare after each ingredient

8. All of these are on point.

Gonna sound silly but a good set of three different sized stainless steel whisks. You would not believe how much easier making sauces and eggs are with these.

Also a whiteboard to keep on the fridge, makes it easier to note down what you are low on or out of.

7. Pet owners everywhere rejoice.

A rubber bristled broom. I have two dogs and two cats, and my house is all hardwood and tile.

A regular broom just sends the fur floating everywhere, but my rubber broom keeps it all nice and tidy and easy to pick up.

It works on my area rug and upholstered furniture, too!

6. Cheaper than noise-cancelling headphones.


They saved my final exams in high school when my sister and her 1.5 and 3yo kids tornadoed through the whole house.

5. Like a bath, but less germy.

Shower chair.

I’ve got a f**ked up back and I initially got it for that but even if my back was fine I’d still have one, they’re so useful.

If you shave your legs, you won’t regret it.

4. I would definitely like to try this.

A wake up light alarm clock. The light turns on gradually and wakes you up gradually rather than waking up to obnoxious beeping. Makes the start of my day more positive.

3. I need one of these.

Hot water bottle. I live in cold Scandinavia and have chronic pain. It gets used pretty much all year around.

I recently backed a Kickstarter campaign for the heat bag. It’s made by the guys that also made the ostrich pillow.

It has a clay core you can boil or put in the microwave. When heated, you can put it into a kind of pillow. Thick, soft and insulated on one side and silky on the other side. It feels amazing and keeps the heat longer because of the insulation.

This thing is amazing! I gifted it to my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves it.

2. A good night’s sleep is worth a million bucks.

Weighted blanket and/or A Good Pillow.

Your sleep quality will improve.

Being well rested has to be one of the few good things to happen to me in 2020.

1. Both will definitely improve your life.

A foldable laptop stand for $15.

Always thought you didn’t need this stuff, how different from without one can it be – but it does wonders for my neck.

Travels everywhere with me now.

Also: a 2mm phone cable. It’s the s**t.

I’ll definitely be following up on some of these, how about you?

Which ones are already in your Amazon cart? Tell us in the comments!