18 Myths That Are Often Taken As Fact

In the day and age of the internet, there is so much misinformation running rampant around the world it can be hard to keep up. That said, some pieces just seem to keep popping up quicker than we can even try to whack them down, and those moles are considered hard truth to way too many.

These 18 people think they’ve got great examples, so maybe we can work together to figure out how to stamp them out once and for all.

18. They are swimming nightmares.

Dolphins are fun, frolicking, lovable creatures.

My sister has a pacemaker and went swimming with dolphins. The handlers had to rush in and pull her out of the water, apparently it creates a sound that they didn’t like and were trying to… Take it out.

17. Sometimes babies (and their mamas) need a hand.

If you touch a baby bird, their mothers will reject them.

My mom convinced me I PERSONALLY murdered a bunch of baby rabbits as a kid because I touched them and the mom never came back. Turns out rabbit moms are commonly very forgetful.

16. He was average. Which he probably also wouldn’t have liked.

That Napoleon was short.

15. Nonsense.

The whole “we only use 10% of our brains” thing. Nonsense.

Thank god, nurse! The bullet passed through the 90% he didn’t use!

People still confidently repeat this and there will forever be people waxing poetic on “what if we used ALL of our brains?!”

14. He was still a good boy.

Hercules is his Greek name. It actually isn’t and I think more and more people are finding out about this now but its actually Heracles/Herakles. He was named as a ‘tribute’ for Hera because she was upset that Zeus cheated (again).

13. They’re not that big.

Clearly seeing the Great Wall of China from orbit.

Or the pyramids. They’re certainly big, but if you’ve ever tried to find them on a map without knowing exactly where they are you would be searching for hours.

12. Not black and white.

Recycling. Corporations are wasting millions of tons of resources, and severely damaging the environment. Kurzgesact has a really good video on this. But to summarize: corporations have successfully shoved the climate change problem onto consumers.

So to elaborate: This problem isn’t quite that black-and-white. The amount of waste varies a lot between countries, as well as the providences/states within countries.

11. Watch your fingers.

EMT here! Boy are there a lot, but the one that comes to mind is that of someone is having a seizure you need to put something in their mouth so they don’t swallow their tongue. This is false for a few reasons:

It is physically impossible to swallow your tongue. Go ahead and try, it’s attached on pretty well.
Putting something in a seizure patients mouth will only introduce a choking hazard. Now the patient has two problems.
Seizure patients bite and they bite HARD! So if your fingers are in the patient’s mouth when that bite happens, your patient will again have two problems and medical staff will have two patients.
EDIT: Okay, since this comment is blowing up, I’m gonna go ahead and put what you should do:

So for our purposes, we’re referring to grand mal or generalized seizures.

For seizure patients, lay them on their side and hold their head so they don’t hit it on the ground. This was I’m a reply to another comment, but I’ll add a few other things.

Call 911 immediately if any of these criteria are met: 1) It’s their first seizure. 2) The seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes. At this point, it affect their breathing and perfusion. 3) You don’t know the seizure patient. 4) They have several short (1-2 minutes we’ll say) seizures in rapid succession with short recovery periods. 5) If you’re unsure and have no medical training, feel free to just call. No one will blame you.

Don’t move the patient unless there is an immediate hazard to them.

People who are prone to seizures can usually tell you when they’re about to have one or what will trigger it. They also know what triggers them, so 8f someone says “If I do X I’ll have a seizure” believe them; I learned this one the hard way. Also recovery will be very slow, the patient will be exhausted, in all likelihood they won’t even remember they had a seizure.

Cheers, internet!

10. Seinfeld lied?

If you shave your hair will grow back faster and thicker.

If that were the case, I’d have a glorious norse god beard.

9. Or the opposite.

Deserts are hot.

Many are, but not necessarily so. The requirement is that they get less than ten inches of precipitation a year. Antarctica is a desert too.

8. It’s the battle flag.

That the Confederate flag isn’t the actual Confederate flag

There is a huge Confederate flag that flies where I-75 and I-4 meet in Florida. He replaced it after the protests last year with the less recognizable national flag. It is the battle flag that most people see.

7. Wild.

Rabbits don’t particularly like carrots. Mice don’t particularly like cheese. You shouldn’t give a cat a bowl of milk.

The carrot idea comes from Bugs Bunny. Bugs eating the carrot was a parody of a then-famous scene of Clark Gable in film It Happened One Night (1934) munching a carrot while delivering quips.

Yeah it had nothing to do with rabbit’s liking carrots.

6. Please do it right away.

You have to wait 24 or 48 hours to file a missing persons.

One time me and my girlfriend in highschool skipped band practice to make out and our worried teachers called our parents who called the cops who evidently looked for us for like an hour.

Couldn’t catch a damn break as a horny kid.

5. Slightly further south.

I teach 6th grade social studies and a student dispelled me of some common ignorance. The Cape of Good Hope is not the southernmost tip of Africa. I was inculcating a new generation with that nonsense and this student pointed out a spot on Google Earth that looked further south.

We looked it up and sure enough it was a misnomer, a spot east of the Cape is slightly further south.

4. Cats are lactose intolerant.

Tuna and milk is good for cats!

I had a friend who said their dog sometimes drinks the cat’s milk and I pointed out cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn’t have milk but they quickly put my fears to rest by clarifying it was lactose free milk.

3. Imma keep doing it then.

That cracking your knuckles can give you arthritis.

Completely bogus.

2. Don’t stock up on carrots.

That carrots improve night vision. This was a plant by the British during WWII to hide the fact that they were using radar.

They claimed their pilots just ate lots of carrots. Kind of genius when you think about it.

1. Don’t Satanic Panic.

Inverted crosses are satanic. It is actually the St. Peter’s Cross. When he was crucified, he requested to be crucified upside down because he didn’t feel worth to be crucified the same way as Jesus.

Neither is the pentagram inherently satanic either. Only sigil of baphomet or goat of mendes is… which is an inverted pentacle with a goats head on it. A pentagram is actually a pagan symbol.

Like someone else has mentioned the leviathan cross is also not really satanic. In fact, other than being the sulfur symbol, its a mix of 2 other symbols. The infinite symbol and, a once again Christian cross, cross of Lorraine (patriarchal cross). The devil wasn’t crucified, what would he need a cross for?

These make me kind of sad, honestly.

Are we missing some wild pieces of believed missed information? If you think so, tell us what they are in the comments!