18 of the Best Names We’ve Seen on Petfinder

If you’re someone who has adopted a dog, cat, or other animal from a shelter, there’s a good chance you’ve used Petfinder.com. It basically lets you sort through all of the shelter pets in a certain target area, and let’s you filter by type, age, breed, whatever.

You’ve probably also noticed that shelters tend to give their animals cute and sometimes funny names, and to be honest, I don’t know how they manage to keep coming up with new ones.

If you love the names but can’t go on Petfinder right now because your partner will kill you if you come home with another animal, good news – this Twitter account is finding them for you.

18. Short for noodle?

I don’t care, just go get her.

17. That’s kind of a mouthful.

I bet she likes to play with ribbons, though.

16. I feel like maybe there was a spelling error.

I hope.

15. Y’all that is the same cat.

You cannot convince me otherwise.

14. When you know you know.

Some human out there wakes up and chooses violence, too.

13. A little bit weird, yeah.

I hope his new owners don’t change his name.

12. Nice to meet you Hungry, I’m Dad.

A dad definitely named this dog.

11. The name looks fitting.

But I’m not sure anyone is going to adopt her.

10. Surprise visit every day.

As long as you bring pets.

9. I gotta get me some good soup.

It is soup season, after all.

8. Give him all of your money.

Also your love, though.

7. Don’t you need a hit?

This kitty will bring the good stuff all day every day.

6. You never know what he’ll play next.

And who doesn’t love a mystery?

5. The name is funny but can we talk about that face?

I am actually dead from the cute.

4. Look at that expression.

That cat was born to be Instagram famous.

3. It does exist.

This good boi is the dream come true.

2. Best one on the thread.

No arguments, please.

1. You need them both.

They’re tax deductible for your home business.

I want this job. Just naming pets so we can tell them apart until they get adopted. So fun!

What’s the best pet name you’ve ever heard? Share it with us in the comments!