18 People Confess the One Thing People Think They’re Crazy for Spending Money On

“To each their own” is one of the best phrases out there. It’s right up there with “live and let live” and “you do you,” if you ask me. Which is to say, if you have the cash and you’re not hurting anyone with your fetish/passion/obsession and it makes you happy?

Buy away, my friends.

That said, it can be pretty interesting to take a peek behind the curtain of other people’s lives, though, and see what they think is worth dropping tons of cash on regularly.

Thank goodness these 18 people are willing to confess.

18. I think this would really be worth it, though.

A mixed reef aquarium for my living room. The amount of money you can potentially spend in the hobby is ludicrous, but there is something captivating about watching all the interactions in a marine ecosystem as it grows. Many of the best looking corals and fish can also be grown sustainably by aquaculture suppliers now, which I think is important if you want to be a responsible pet owner.

The other big draw for me is all the gear and tech which is available to tinker with. From protient skimmers to pumps, powerheads, refugiums, reactors, and dosing equipment, you could spend thousands if you wanted. And that’s nothing compared to the cost of some specialty fish or corals with really radiant colours.

17. There’s a feather in your cap.

I think I’m in the top 1% of chickpea consumers

16. Yeah this one I just don’t get.

Watches. Too many watches to wear. I just really like them.

15. That is one expensive hobby.

Astronomy gear.

Just one eyepiece can cost significantly more than most entry-level telescopes.

A large, well-made mirror for a home-made dobsonian I plan to build will cost as much as a new car ($25,000 or so).

14. You can’t put a price on confidence.

2 courses of Accutane for severe acne.

Gave me my life back.

13. Sounds like they’ve already learned a lesson about themselves, but not put it into action.

Hobbies that I lose motivation for. I have guitars I can’t play, a 3d printer that hasn’t been used in weeks, sketchbooks that have most of their pages untouched, guns that have fallen silent(I love antique shotguns), handheld gaming consoles in various states of repair, a project car that I have nearly done(and will finish before new years I hope), bonsai that are effectively just houseplants in funny dirt, games I don’t play, random computer parts scattered about, collections gathering dust, and a ton of parts and specialty tools that rarely get used. I have my sights set on fiddling with gunpla and some light prop/model making for some reason now.​

If I were smart, and financially responsible, I wouldn’t deep dive into things immediately. I have a ton of useful oddball skills and mechanical aptitude to show for it though.

12. “There’s a lot of us.” *eyebrow raise*

I raise butterflies. When the caterpillars eat their way through the plants in my yard, I go buy them more. I’ve spent probably 400$ on them last year. I bought a ton of fennel to finish up my swallowtails, another ton of milkweed for my monarchs, and tomato plants for my hawk moths.

I let them all go, but I’ll hold on to the moths until night time. How: You plants their host plant, they lay eggs and the caterpillars chomp the plant down. You just make sure they don’t run out of plant, or get eaten by lizards/wasps. I used to raise them indoors, but I had more time then. They can get sick, in which case, you have to stop growing that plant in that area for a bit. And no, I’m not on tv. There’s lots of us.

11. I guess looking at them could be considered a hobby?

Art supplies. More than half of it remains unused. I just like looking at them.

10. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared.

Seltzer water… it substantially cut down on my alcohol intake and i never drink soda anymore. But to anyone who had never been to my house you’d think I was stocking up for the end of the world or looking into becoming a seltzer distributor.

9. Sometimes you just lose track.

Effects pedals. I took some to a friend’s house a few weeks ago for a stoner noise jam and he said, “What is that, about $2000 in pedals?” I was about to push back as it seemed absurd… then I realized he was right.

8. That’s not creepy at all…

Knives. Not like I buy a lot of knives. I spend a lot of a few…

Edit: I’m a pocket knife fan but appreciate nice kitchen cutlery as well.

Chris Reeve Knives ftw. I’ve had more expensive knifes and they are very very nice. But I like to use my things and I couldn’t bring myself to use some of them so I sold them. Now I edc and use my large inkosi or small sebenza. They, imho, are the best bang for the buck and set the standard of a high quality knife. Do not bother with clones and go with a nice ZT or Spyderco if don’t want to spend ~$300 on a used basic CRK. You can get very nice ZTs and Spydercos used for $100-$150.

7. This seems terribly fancy.

Fencing and fencing accessories.

Not the barbed wire type, but the stabbing people with long pointy metal sticks kind.

6. Just say no to any kind of doll.

Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls.

Never get into this hobby, drugs are cheaper and easier to explain.

5. Just stomachs covered in feathers (but at least one day they’ll be in YOUR stomach).

Chicken feed.

Those little buggers are just stomachs covered in feathers.

I was going through 200 pounds a month for a while, even though they free-range and eat everything they can find.

4. OMG I love pens.

Fountain pens (I haven’t sunk much into it yet because poor, but I am planning to spend a lot in the near future

3. Whatever blows your skirt up.

I like to collect fossils and pretty minerals that i spend wayyyy too much on but its my hobby and i love it

2. It really is quite addicting.

Yarn. And knitting needles.

Edit: lmao it’s funny how we all unanimously agree that we have already spent way too much on yarn we don’t use but would absolutely spend insane amounts of money on more.

For those of you wondering, yarn can get expensive. I’ve spent easily $120 on my current project and it’s only 1/4 of the way done lol

And if you’re in the US put your phone down for a few minutes and have a happy thanksgiving

1. Nerd alert!

Dungeons and Dragons dice.

Dear god.

I mean. I buy way too many clothes and shoes and books, but everybody needs those, right?

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