18 People Confess the Things They Know They Should Get, But They Don’t

I think that every single adult in the world has those things they know they should get by now, but since they don’t, they’re too embarrassed to ask because they feel like it’s too late.

Well, folks, listen up – it’s never too late. All you have to do is fine the courage to ask, like these 18 people did, and someone on the internet will be happy to explain it to you.

And since we’re online, you don’t even have to see them roll their eyes first.

18. How were you not prepared?

After waiting in a long line to check out, why is it that people don’t have their money ready?

They get to the register and have to search for a credit card or look for coupons. (All that time in line they could have had it organized and ready to go.)

17. You’re never going to stop thinking about it, now.

Why does the word “fridge” have the letter “d” in it, while “refrigerator” does not?

I only know it because I’ve typed “refridgerator” and gotten the squiggly red line about a million times lol

16. It really is baffling.

How these dogs that have these dense bangs hanging over their eyes can see a single goddamn thing.

I work with dogs, and there’s a family with two Maltese. One they keep very trim with no bangs around the eyes. The other one they keep with very long, dense bangs.

It took me awhile to realize that the one with bangs had no eyes. They keep the bangs long because it’s “less alarming” and people don’t ask as many questions lmao

15. We really can’t wrap our minds around it.

Space, it makes my brain hurt trying to figure out things like stars and black holes etc.

The size and distances with space are hard to fathom. The time it takes to get anywhere is depressing.

The sizes and distances of it all is absolutely mind-boggling. It’s so massive and far that it has to be measured in the amount of distance that light can travel in a year. And light travels 186,000 miles per second. I feel so insignificant just thinking about it.

But it can also be kind of comforting in a way, because that means that all my problems are also insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

14. Human brains are not the kindest.

Why do I trust myself to fail so much and like myself so little? Why do I hate “positive attitude” advice from people?

I hated almost everything about myself until a little over a year ago, now I mostly feel neutral about those things.

I realized that I know every weird quirk and flaw about me and that’s why I can’t see myself as beautiful or pleasant.

I decided to stop overthinking and just accept all my flaws and quirks as what they are. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and I’m comfortable, it shouldn’t matter.

13. You’ll never be able to find yourself.

That no concept of an absolute position in space exists.

If it helps, we have lots of guide posts. Pulsars spin VERY consistently and we have documented and mapped out a lot of them. We can use these as place markers to orient ourselves if we ever become a galaxy faring species (big ‘if’ there)

12. I honestly haven’t even tried.


I’ve it explained to me numerous times but it still goes right over my head.

11. I think it’s complicated.

Why do people who seem miserable as parents decide to have more kids…?

I’d like to direct this question towards the parents I currently nanny for. The father clearly doesn’t like his kids, has said before he never even wanted kids, and yet they have three.

Three children that are quite honestly some of the worst behaved kids I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve been working with kids in and out of a school setting going on 15 years now.

Why didn’t you stop after the first one???

10. Being more aware doesn’t usually lead to happiness.

Existence and self aware, the more you think the more the concept of “I” is creepy

My consciousness was ripped from the void and shoved into this body. Does it go back when I die? Is it nothingness, or something more?

9. Does anyone really get it, though?

Quantum physics.

But mostly how there could ever be a smallest thing. Like everything is made up of something else. Zooming down how could there be something that’s not made up of smaller parts?

Like string theory right, smallest thing is supposed to be vibrating strings of energy? Like what is that energy made of? I don’t get it.

8. But I mean…does it matter?

Where we are, all of us, right now.

Like, where are we?

What is this..?

You know?

7. Science isn’t for everyone. To understand, at least.

Chemistry. I only passed because my professor curved every F to a C.

My best friend has her PhD in organic chemistry and she gave me her dissertation in a bound book. Made the mistake of opening it once and was like, what the heck, this is all gibberish.

6. Not so simple.

How to socialize.

How the heck do I start and keep a conversation going? Or talk to people that I don’t know?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have slightly improved imo, but still can’t figure it out lol. I feel like at some point I just run out of things to talk about. I guess that can be attributed to the fact that I only have a few hobbies though.

Hanging around my friends who are around their friends that I don’t know just makes me feel like a third wheel because they’re all pretty different from me, and talking to people I don’t know is just uncomfortable.

5. Money is confusing.

The stock market.

My understanding of it is it works because everyone says it does. In fact, all money works that way.

4. Mind over matter?

Why I continue to procrastinate and self sabotage.

I started noticing this happened during job applications and university study.

The common denominator? Perfectionism. I wanted my resume to be perfect before submitting it to a potential employer and I wanted my assignments to be perfect before submitting them for grading.

As a result the process for both was extremely stressful and I would go out of my way to avoid that stress.

3. Don’t strain yourself trying to figure it out.

How light is both a particle and a wave.

Or maybe it’s neither. It’s something that we don’t have a word for and that doesn’t exist in a way that we can sense directly. But this unnamed thing happens to act in a way similar to a wave in some situations and like a particle in others.

A cylinder will roll like a sphere in one direction but not roll like a cube in the other. That doesn’t make it a sphere and a cube at the same time. It makes it something different.

2. Do we really need to understand it, though?

Computers, even though I own one I literally don’t know how to build one or fix one when needed.

1. Can they really not see it?

People that treat everybody around them terribly then complain that nobody likes them.

Honestly I vastly prefer when people wave red flags in your face like that. Saves me a lot of time, energy, and hurt.

I’ll go ahead and admit that I’ve just learned a thing or two, how about you?

Tell us in the comments what question you’ve been too afraid to ask, and maybe we can get it answered!