18 People Describe Dreams So Real They Think They Might Really Have Happened

Some people can recall their dreams in vivid detail on a regular basis, while others hardly remember anything that happens when they’re asleep – if they dream at all, nothing follows them into the daylight.

If you’re someone who dreams, there’s nothing quite so unsettling as fighting your way out of a web created by your subconscious and trying hard to convince yourself none of it was real.

These 18 people are honestly still not sure that it wasn’t.

18. The many worlds theory.

I once dreamt what felt like a whole life.

I had another family, i grew up with them. My friends where other people, i had good times and bad times. At the end one of my sisters died in a car accident and i woke up. I remember i was so confused, and couldn’t believed i had just dreamt a whole different life.

I even missed some of those people for weeks afterwards.

17. That sounds horrible.

Not necessarily a dream: When I crashed my car into a bank while having a seizure, the paramedics who responded gave me a shot of ketamine because I was fighting off the EMTs while they were trying to extract me from my car.

Later, when I woke up in the hospital, I was strapped to the bed. For a few minutes, I thought that I was actually in a mental hospital and all the “memories” of my life were just a delusion.

It was the worst waking dream ever.

16. Talk about heartbreak.

When I was a kid I dreamt my mom surprised us with a Nintendo 64.

I remember the sight of it in the living was clear as day. When I woke up I went downstairs eager to play for a bit before school started but there was no Nintendo 64 with the Ocarina of Time waiting for me.

I was very confused and it took a few minutes to realize it was just a dream.

15. So unsettling.

When I had a major accident couple months ago they kept me in a coma for 5 days (18 broken ribs multiple fractures per rib, sternum in half, jaw, collar bone and skull fracture). So they woke me up after those days and then I had to get the IV where they pump your morphine and everything trough refitted (in my back).

Dude said your getting a nice combination of propofol and ketamine while we do that shit. Holy fucking shit, it took maybe 10 min max but I tripped balls while under. It felt like I tumbled trough every room and floor in the hospital but it felt like a computer game. When I woke up I told them I completed the world as if it was a game I just finished.

Still have flashbacks in my dreams about that.

14. That’s not okay.

I can’t remember most of my dreams but one time my boyfriend woke up utterly convinced that he needed to get me some jalapeños. Im allergic.

13. That’s depressing.

When I was stuck in my shell and suffered from social anxiety, all I wanted was to be the guy who was talkative and could make friends easily.

I had dreams of dating women and hanging out with people. And when I woke up it took a couple of seconds for reality to hit until I realize it was all fake.

But the feeling and sensation I felt in the dream world felt so authentic like a memory.

12. Someone reads too many novels.

I was a young woman in WWII and my boyfriend fought on the front. We wrote letters to each other as often as we could, but lately his letters became a bit scarce. I was very anxious.

A few days after liberation, a tank came driving down the road and stopped at my house. My boyfriend was sitting on the top and he jumped off, ran towards me, got on one knee and proposed. I cried and laughed at the same time.

Of course I said yes…

11. I’d watch this movie.

I had a dream forever ago now, and I know it wasn’t real, and I know dreams are just that, but I dreamt of a boat, and an elegant party.

I dreamt that I snuck off to the far end of the ship to smoke when I came across a woman, dark chestnut hair, fair skin, brown eyes, I remember everything about her. I remember falling in love with her.

We talked for hours on that boat, and we fell madly for each other, until I woke up that is. I don’t smoke, but something about the dream made me want to start, like it would bring me closer to her. I still don’t smoke, but I often feel the pull of that memory.

Months later I had a different dream. A different place, a different party, but she was still there. We never learned each others names, but we somehow got around to referring to each other as different sets of cards, she was spades and I was diamonds.

She said there was a reason why but that she couldn’t tell me yet. She never got around to telling me. I remembered her from the boat, and so did she.

She said that night she felt like she was dreaming, and when I woke up, it felt like someone else, someone real, had just shared a dream with me. I still miss her, and though I know she isn’t real, I still hope I find her some day.

10. Don’t try this is in real life.

My dream mostly fits with your post. But had a dream with few friends of mine, random things happened that I can’t remember but remember we end up getting in a police chase then after a bit of chasing we were circle/cornered and helicopter had spotlight on above us.

Without thinking my friends said we have to kill ourselves, so they cut their own throats. I was shocked then decided to slice my own, I could feel the blood just pour out from around my neck.

Woke up immediately and felt a hot/warm water pour sensation over my throat/neck around for a few seconds after I woke up.

9. Alternate timeline?

Yes, when I was 19 and weeks away from moving away from my parents for college, I had a vivid dream of the place I would live. It happened many nights in a row, and I still feel like it actually happened when I think about it.

Of course, it never did.

But it feels like it did.

8. What did I just read?

I was put on medication after I had my baby. That medication not only acted like a damn tranquilizer, but it locked me in my dreams badly. Worst one was when I fell asleep on the couch, woke up and it was pitch black night time, the heater was on, baby was in her rocker. Went to sit up quickly and couldn’t move. Tried again. Couldn’t move. Reached over to my phone and suddenly couldn’t use it. Couldn’t type my passcode. Baby starts crying. Im trying to get up but my whole body is just dead weight. She’s screaming louder, losing it, and Im just helpless, stuck on the couch unable to move, help her, soothe her. Her screams echo through the house like some kind of torture audio. The windows explode.

Suddenly I wake up on the couch again. Its dark, heater is on, baby in her rocker. This time I reach for my phone immediately and unlock it, try and message my friend to call me to wake me up. I knew I was asleep. But I couldn’t wake up. So Im texting him, trying to tell him could he call me to wake me up. He can’t. He’s at work. I try and message my mum, can’t type suddenly. Can’t spell. Phone malfunctions horribly. I look over and my baby starts waking up, and just like last time I cant get it. Im trying SO F*CKING HARD to type a damn message, call mum for help, but it fails every time. I message my friend again, but I cant get the words out. Its just gibberish. Baby is screaming. Heater catches on fire. Its right next to her head. Her rocker lights up. Im clawing at the chair to get myself while I’m screaming at myself to wake up, wake up, WAKE THE F*CK UP. I watch my daughter burn.

I wake up on the couch. Dark. Heater on. My baby has fallen out of her rocker and she’s screaming on the floor. I struggle for what feels like hours to get to her. Im crying, saying how sorry I am, I know she’s starving and cold and I cant help her because I cant move again. Im just looking at her trying to reach out to her. Suddenly…

I wake up on the couch. Dark. Heater on. Baby in rocker. This time I can stand up. I shoot up immediately and grab her. She’s ok, thank f*ck. The house is so dark I cant see. Suddenly she’s ripped out of my arms and dragged down the hallway by an invisible force. I chase her, she gets dragged into my bedroom and the door slams shut in my face. I can hear demons in there. Im kicking and punching the door. Throwing my entire weight at it to break it down.

I wake up on the couch again. Dark. Heater isn’t on this time. Baby in her rocker wide awake. I grab her. Hold her close. I feel like something is watching me. This horrible sinking feeling while Im standing in the dark. Suddenly I notice this distant noise… like a low, rumbling. I call mum quickly and tell her to come over as soon as she can. I need help. I can’t escape. Suddenly all my curtains disappear and I can see hundreds and hundreds of men in dark suits and hats outside my windows. Climbing out the houses all around the street. Coming out of the ground. No lights inside or out, I can only see what the moon shows me. Its like shadows coming alive? Every single window in every direction is being pounded on, their breath is hot on the glass, their nails scrape down, skin drags against it. I know they’re going to kill me and take my baby. I’m surrounded. I have nowhere to go and no way to protect my baby. The windows shatter and they start climbing in, slicing themselves open on the glass as they do. I shut myself in the bathroom, holding my girl tight while I’m trying to stop them getting in. The smash the bathroom window and start climbing through. This is it. Im f*cked. I squeeze my baby tight, ready to fight till I die.

When I actually woke up, it was dark, I was on the couch, baby was asleep safe in her bassinet next to me, no heater on cuz im not a moron. But I couldn’t tell I was awake. It took me ages to get movement in my arms, I reached over, grabbed my phone and called mum to try and help me find out if I was actually awake or not. She had to convince me over the phone for about 10 minutes before I believed it.

Never took that medication again. Probably still dreaming knowing my luck lol

7. Those dreams can die in a fire.

I once dreamed that my alarm rang.

I was getting out of bed , making breakfast, preparing to leave the house, just to notice that i was still in bed and the only real thing was my ringing alarm.

I was late that day.

6. So sad.

I had a dream about my mom who has passed away. I was in a truck, in the woods, and just searching for her. That was most of the dream. Then I ended up in my bathroom in my bedroom. I walked opened the door and to walk out and there was my mom.

She had a glow around her, she had a nervous smile on her face and didn’t say anything. I stood there in shock, then screamed “mom” and hugged her and hugged her. We both then sat on my bed, she still didn’t say anything, but just smiled, she seemed so at peace, which wasn’t normal for her when she was alive.

We sat there for a bit and then she disappeared. That’s when I woke up crying. I have had some pretty real feeling dreams before, but this one felt incredibly real.

5. Maybe somewhere, they did meet.

Once I dreamt I fell in love with a dude from Germany that I met in a music store.

When I woke up I felt so heartbroken because in my dreams, the feelings were so intense and “real”, I felt like I had a glimpse of my soulmate only to realize he didn’t exist.

I cried for like 20 minutes before getting out bed. It really shook me.

4. Come back, Grandma.

My grandmother willed her rocking chair to me – the chair she rocked me in as a child.

Her rocking chair was placed near my bed so that I could easily see it from my pillow.

After she died, I regularly dreamed that she was sitting in that rocking chair, keeping me company as I slept. But then we started to talk, just as if she were alive.

The curious thing is that I’d ask her questions about all sorts of things we hadn’t discussed back when she was alive, and she’d answer them fully (and with her delightful sense of humor).

Night after night this would recur. Then, sadly, one night it stopped – never to happen again, and oh . . . did I miss her nightly visits.

3. Romance novel!

I too dreamed of a man once, I didn’t know him in real life. We were married and had a baby daughter together. Then it happened that I realized I was dreaming and I was in shock because once I realize I dream, I instantly knew I would wake up soon because I can’t control my lucid dreaming and I get aware of things. I turned to him and asked him if he was real but he didn’t answer me, just smiled when he looked at me.

I woke up and cried for like an entire day because, like you said, the emotions were really intense in this dream, I loved this man with all my heart and not feeling this emotion again was just too much for me, especially not seeing my child again who never existed.

I’m single for 4 years now, maybe I’m just lonely

2. That’s all extremely odd.

I swear I passed into a parallel world while asleep. I never can remember my dreams at all, but months later this is still as vivid as real life. In my dream, I woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom, but some of my own personal belongings were around.

I leave the room to figure out where I am and my younger sister is out in a small living room. I say, “hey Kate, where are we?” And she just kind of laughs and says “why’d you call me Kate?” After questioning and some arguing, I figure out that her name in the “dream” is Courtney which is the name of my real life older sister. My two older siblings didn’t exist and it was just us.

Our parents were divorced (unlike in real life) and we were in the process of moving into an apartment together in Colorado, which is a long way from where I actually live. I became convinced my real life was the dream and I continued with my normal and rather mundane day of unpacking moving boxes.

I felt really settled in after the initial uncertainty passed and I felt like I belonged. When I went to sleep at the end of the day, i closed my eyes and then I was suddenly back in my actual bedroom, sitting straight up and covered in cold sweat.

1. That she knows of…

A friend of mine who is childless has had reoccurring dreams of her child for years. She remembers giving birth and I think the girl is about 5 or 6 now.

She watches this kid grow up in her dreams and is a mess for days after seeing her.

Never had a miscarriage, never had a baby, but she wants to be a mom so bad that these dreams try to fill the gap.

If I’d had some of these dreams, I don’t think I ever would have slept again!

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