18 People Detail the Things They Think Make Zero Sense

It can sometimes seem as if we spend a lot of time looking at the world and the people in it with our heads cocked, the phrase “what the f**k” popping into our heads.

And while this can and does happen for many reasons, much of the time it’s just something that completely doesn’t compute – like these 18 things that Redditors claim make absolutely no sense at all.

18. It’s a stumper, for sure.

How some cartoon characters wear a shirt, but no pants. Then their colleagues wear nothing at all. Pick a side.

Donald Duck never wears pants. But when he gets out of the shower he ties a towel around his waist. I mean, what is up with that?

17. That definitely qualifies.

The Weather Channel website’s “10-Day Weather Forecast” shows the weather forecast for 15 days.

I know in the grand scheme of things, it’s completely unimportant, but it bugs me a lot.

16. It will never make sense.

Pluto and Goofy. Not just clothes but one acts like person and one acts like a pet.

Both are dogs in the same cartoon universe.

15. English is weird.

Why Colonel is pronounced kernel.

14. I mean…


It is more about storing their money in property which usually turns out to be a good investment.

Which is also exempt from property tax.

So if it sits empty, with no utilities running and no taxes on it, there is extremely minor overhead.

13. What even is news?

A random video with political implications gets 10,000 views, and suddenly it’s being quoted by all major media companies as proof of how serious things have become.

Nothing pisses me off like a “trusted” news source quoting tweets with 12 RTs as if it means something.

12. Santa is real…ish.

How come in all the Christmas movies, the adults don’t believe in Santa, yet not only is he an actual entity in the context of the film, but he’s the one putting presents under the tree? Like, where do they think the presents come from? They didn’t put them there!

It’s like not believing in the mailman or something; it doesn’t make sense!

11. It does seem awkward.

This is super niche, but having family (other than husband/spouse/whatever) in the room while you have a baby. Every woman I know felt obligated to do this and then regretted it after.

They can see the baby after you get home, either the next day or the next week.

10. It’s certainly pervasive.

Celebrity worship.

I was reading a few comments from the Make-a-wish question last week, and just reading people’s reactions to seeing actors etc, gave me some perspective on why some actors go off the rails.

9. How did this become a thing?

Needing five or more years of experience for an entry-level job.

or 20 years of experience for 5 years old software.

I think the actual reason for this is just poorly-defined definitions of what “entry level” actually means. Like, when you hear “entry level”, you think “entry into the workforce”. By contrast, many companies use “entry level” to mean “entry into our company”. And that company doesn’t hire people who are new to the workforce.

8. Anytime, anywhere.

Why do banking hours still exist. It is all computers. Put the money in my account today not tomorrow when the bank opens.

Its mostly because the banks „collect“ all daily transactions and then do a net transaction on a daily basis.

7. You need to know.

Asking about pay and stuff related when applying/interviewing for a job and how it’s looked down on to do that.

Like the most fundamental purpose of this job is to be paid money.

I applied for a job and when they got back to me I asked them what the pay was like. They replied with “It depends on the experience.” I had emailed my resume and that’s why they emailed me back but I still couldn’t get an answer. I didn’t respond and accepted a job that straight up told me what they would pay me before I had to ask.

6. Teeth are a mystery.

You can break a bone and it will heal on its own, but if you develop a little cavity, you must get it filled.

Bone is constantly breaking down and healing, because of osteoclast and osteoblast cells. It’s constantly remodeling and adjusting to all powers and pressure you put on it. Thus if you break it and cast it, the osteoclast and osteoblast cells remodel it together.

Teeth are something different. It consist of two (hard) layers: enamel and dentine. Enamel is a very dense crystal, when it forms in your younger years the enamel producing cells (ameloblasts) move in layers away from the initial growing point. They can’t stay there because of the density of the crystal and die off when they are done. This is because they can’t receive nutrients. They can’t fix the enamel anymore now when you get a cavity. Good thing about this is you now have one of the toughest crystals on the planet

Dentine producing cells are different. When a cavity drills through the outer layer (the enamel) into the dentine the dentine actually does fight back. This is called the tertiary dentine, which seals off the pipe like holes between the dentine crystals. This is because odontoblasts can receive nutrients and keep living there in an idle state. They form tertiary dentine because the inner soft layer of your teeth (the pulpa) is in direct contact with your nervous system and bloodstream. When the cavity breaks through this tertiary layer you feel tooth pain.

5. Like this is just how it is.

How political corruption is recognized but never punished….

“The minor infractions we uncovered have been handled with a small fine and we are sure nothing like this will ever happen again. It’s a shame we got cau…err…it’s a shame this happened.”

4. I’ve never considered that…

How nobody caught John Wilkes Booth. The dude shoots the President of the United States in a crowded theater, leaps down onto the stage screaming “Sic Semper Tyrannus!” And breaks his leg upon landing.

How did no one in the crowd he broke his leg diving into stop the dude from limping out of the building?!

EDIT: I’m aware Booth was eventually caught, I just meant it seemed weird that nobody caught him at the scene of the crime. But lots of folks have explained what happened and why, and it makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

3. All about the money.


My doctor says I need this procedure.

I ask my insurance if it’s covered. They say no it’s not needed.

I tell them a medical doctor told me I need this.

They said in their opinion I don’t.

I ask if they are a medical doctor.

They say no.

And there are people out there who defend this?

2. It’s really not that tough.

People misusing apostrophes, rather than leaving them out altogether.

1. It can make you rage.

Sending your CV and filling in the exact details on their application page.

I just slapped ‘see attached resume/CV on all the fields. Still got hired.

These things…yeah. I have to agree.

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