18 People Reflect on Why Life is Pretty Awesome

Photo Credit: Pexels, Julian Jagtenberg

Life can be a drag, amirite? Someday’s it seem out to get you. But self-reflection of all that is good can change your outlook on life.

Take these 18 examples of people who share their silver lining.

Because let’s face it, life’s actually awesome.

18. A second chance at life

In terms of my own life – being in remission and fully recovering from cancer, sometimes I have to remind myself that other people aren’t so lucky

17. Parenting bliss

My six year old running up to me after work, giving me a kiss and asking me to play Legos.

16. Music does heal

The fact that music exists.

I probably wouldn’t have gotten through halve the things I’ve been through without music.

15. Cuddle the kitty

My cat. Every morning after I take a shower he walks with me from the bathroom to the bedroom and plops down on the bed for me to rub his belly and curl up with him. If I don’t he cries.

He was a rescue and an actual rescue. He was abandoned on the street, had respiratory diseases and was left for dead as the runt of the litter. Yet he’s in love with everyone and wants to play and cuddle no matter what.

14. Giving back

Helping people in little ways. I work in retail and the best part of my day is a customer asking for help and being so so grateful when I help them.

You would think it’s common decency but people just need a hand sometimes.

13. Enjoy the little things

I can enjoy a video game, take a relaxing walk, eat a nice meal or any number of things to enjoy life.

12. The angels among us

Seeing people do good for no reason.

Altruism is beautiful and counterintuitive.

11. Coffee is a hug in a mug

Sorry for a simple answer…coffee.

Just reminds me that everything will be ok even if it isn’t at the moment.

10. Find your soulmate

I have the best husband I could have found for myself. He balances my neuroses out with his natural calm. He’s one of the kindest, most self-giving people I know. He’s my rock when I’m unwell, whether it’s physically or emotionally. I had to move away from my own family and friends when I married him, but he’s worth it.

9. Simple…


8. Social media cleanse

Getting off the Internet and just living my day to day life.

Not everyone has to be turned up to 11 all the time, and not everything has to be the best or worst thing that’s ever happened. I’ve noticed the less time I spend on reddit, the less cynical & salty my outlook of things in general.

7. Sandy and Danny would agree

Well I’m really looking forward to summer nights – my family arrives and we just chill until 2am outside.

Yea we get like 69 mosquito bites but it’s worth it.

6. The mid-day sleep

Waking up from a nap.

Over the past little while I always wake up feeling fabulous.

5. Endorphins make life happy

Honestly, going to the gym.

it feels so good to know your own health is in your hands, you can feel yourself getting stronger the more you go, and i feel so much more productive after i’ve gone.

4. Wash the day away

I’ve never come home to the utilities turned off as an adult like I had to as a child. Of course I’ve had financially tough times, but I’ve always managed to have light to read and a hot shower.

3. Be one with nature

Hiking/connecting with nature

2. Life goals

My current Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

As in, everything about it.

And I’m the DM.

1. *high-five* to this reality

That no matter what I go through, it could always be worse.

Way worse.

These were so awesome, I’m gonna write a few of my own “good things” down.

Give us a shout out in the comments on things you cherish in life!