18 People Reveal The One Personal Rule They Never Violate

Everyone has a code that they follow – a list of morals and ethics that they believe to be inviolable, at least by them.

We’re all different, and we all have different places we draw the line (and varying tolerance of gray area), but everyone has that one rule that’s sacred.

If you’re curious what those top rules are for other people, these 18 people are willing to share.

18. This is a peeve of mine, too.

Might sound trivial but my number one is don’t litter.

17. Listen to your little voice.

Do what you deep down know is right. As long as you know it to be what you consider is right.

16. You never know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Be kind to everyone, you have no idea what they’re going through. I’m this chirpy, always laughing kind of person. If only people knew the battles I fight alone at night.

One of the seemingly happiest, funniest, most popular, and outgoing people I ever knew took their own life one night a few years back. It blindsided everyone who ever met them.

You never, ever know what people are going through inside.

15. Maybe someone will do it for you.

stand up for people

14. Yelling helps nothing.

Maintain a level head and don’t raise my voice. IMO it shows immaturity, especially if you do it because of an argument.

13. This is a hard one.

Don’t be a hypocrite.

12. Keep your anger where it belongs.

It doesn’t matter how much of a bad day you are having, how pissed off you are, how upset you are…never, EVER take it out on people who nothing about it. Don’t use the opportunity to scream at the barista for getting your order wrong, don’t snap at the grocery store cashier for being too slow at the register and don’t yell at the pedestrian who accidentally bumped into you.

Your problems are not their problems. And yelling and screaming at strangers because you are having issues just makes the world a more hateful and resentful place.

11. That second one is key.

No believing anything without questioning it at first.

It’s easier to believe something than to understand it.

10. If only.

Don’t hurt people.

I feel like this is the all encompassing one. If everyone stuck to this we’d all be golden.

9. It’s all about balance.

Do no harm but take no s*%t.

Pretty self explanatory if I say so myself.

8. First impressions matter.

Treat everyone with the utmost respect when you meet them, you’ll have time to decide how much you should be giving them later.

7. Except when it is.

It’s not that serious.

So many problems we face in life are very much fixable. Some take more effort to resolve than others, and yeah some are straight up unfixable.

But God damn. I’ve stressed over so much shit needlessly when all I needed to do to resolve the issue was to make a single phone call or some shit equivalent. Not every problem in life is a damn crisis. In my opinion most every day issues can and should be met with a ‘welp’ and then you move along.

You’re an adult and you’re not stupid. Take a minute to think about what you need to do, and move on. Your blood pressure will thank you.

6. Don’t feel guilty.

If it doesn’t hurt you and it doesn’t hurt others, it’s not wrong.

5. An oldie but goodie.

Never judge a book by its cover. I had to learn it the hard way.

4. We don’t get a choice.

Don’t ever judge someone for where they came from.

3. Respect everyone.

I work in IT. I treat the CEO the same way i treat the janitor. We are all human and deserve the same respect.

Its hard for me to like someone who looks down on guys who work with their hands. There’s honor in all work when it’s done well.

2. Simple but not all that easy.

Don’t lie.

You can be honest and kind. People who say they are brutally honest are just hurtful people who you don’t want to be around.

1. Restraint is key.

True love is knowing how to push the other person’s buttons and choosing not to do it. My mom taught me that.

If you ask me, this is very good advice – all of it.

What’s the rule you’ll never break? Tell us in the comments!