18 People Share the Biggest Issue They Have with Their Name

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Most parents try their hardest when picking out a name for their baby. They want the name to mean something, but not be so weird that it makes their baby’s life harder for years to come. They try to consider initials and nicknames and just generally to do right by their kid – it’s a huge responsibility, naming another person!

That said, things don’t always work out as planned (and I guess some people don’t take it too seriously to begin with), and people can end up…if not hating, then at least being displeased by their names.

If you want to know some of their reasons, well, these 18 people are here to dish!

18. There’s no way to predict the next big thing.

17. We can learn it if we want to.

16. That barista just stopped trying.

15. My sister has only a middle initial and I can confirm the age of automation has made these things extra difficult.

14. That’s just really insulting.

13. This is way too long of a conversation.

12. I wish she was kidding.

11. It’s like playing a game you wish you weren’t winning.

10. What on earth would Clyde be short FOR, I wonder?

9. There’s something you don’t want to have to say every day.

8. I’d probably just start with Ed.

7. Talk about an unfortunate twist of fate.

6. I mean. He kind of brought that on himself.

5. Here I thought “with a C” would be the default.

4. …is it really, though?

3. Seriously, it takes two seconds to double check.

2. Manners seem to also be a thing for old people these days.

1. I guess sometimes close enough will do.

I disliked my name when I was younger, but now I like it (and I’ve never had any problems like these)!

Have you had issues with your name? What are they? Tell us in the comments1